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Curso de Diseño Gráfico de Interfaces y UX

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Online Gantt Chart - Web Based Gantt Chart Software. Ayerviernes's Profile. The World leader in Card Sorting Tools.


IAWWW. Merlin for Mac - ProjectWizards presents Merlin - Project Management for OS X. The leading professional project management software for OS X Developed by project managers for project managers, Merlin for Mac truly delivers in meeting your professional requirements.

Merlin for Mac - ProjectWizards presents Merlin - Project Management for OS X

Download free trial Short introduction Merlin is recognized globally not only by its customers. It also received numerous industry awards. MindMaps Brainstorm with your colleagues and capture information as a Mindmap. MS Project Beginning with MS Project 98 and up through MS Project 2011, Merlin understands the file formats offered for this Windows program. Elements Elements represent one of the most compelling and unique features in Merlin.

Merlin Quick Start Guide Want to learn more? Download the Merlin QuickStart Guide (PDF). Pixelapse - Visual version control for designers. Teor%C3%ADa_del_Color_Johannes_Itten.  Design in the browser with web fonts and real content — Typecast. Crazy Egg - Visualize Your Visitors. Plant-Based Eating At Its Best. La Mejor Publicidad de Accidentes de Transito del Mundo. Poly eagle by Breno Bitencourt. Psicologia.objetos.norman. Apptimize. Eye tracking. Scientists track eye movements in glaucoma patients to check vision impairment while driving This is the article for the study of eye movement.

Eye tracking

For the tendency to visually track potential prey, see eye-stalking Yarbus eye tracker from the 1960s History[edit] In the 1800s, studies of eye movement were made using direct observations. In 1879 in Paris, Louis Émile Javal observed that reading does not involve a smooth sweeping of the eyes along the text, as previously assumed, but a series of short stops (called fixations) and quick saccades.[1] This observation raised important questions about reading, which were explored during the 1900s: On which words do the eyes stop?

An example of fixations and saccades over text. Edmund Huey[2] built an early eye tracker, using a sort of contact lens with a hole for the pupil. The first non-intrusive eye trackers were built by Guy Thomas Buswell in Chicago, using beams of light that were reflected on the eye and then recording them on film. Notes[edit] InVision – Free Web & Mobile Mockup and UI Prototyping Tool. Marvel - free mobile and web prototyping for designers. Marvelapp. Tasa de rebote. La tasa o porcentaje de rebote (en inglés, bounce rate) es un término utilizado en los análisis del tráfico de visitantes de las web de Internet.

Tasa de rebote

Un rebote (en inglés bounce) se produce cuando un navegante abandona el sitio después de haber visto una sola página web, en unos pocos segundos.[1] Muchos sistemas de estadística fijan el tiempo para que una visita se considere rebote en 30 segundos: un visitante se define como "desinteresado" si abandona la página antes de 30 segundos. El límite de 30 segundos es un valor de referencia que en algunas aplicaciones de software comercial, se está bajando a 5 segundos para evitar "counter terrorism" (gente que recarga las páginas varias veces para falsificar las estadísticas de una web). Un bajo porcentaje de abandono indica una buena organización de los contenidos y un aspecto gráfico correcto, que invita al visitante a continuar la exploración del sitio web. Donde: Véase también[editar] Web analytics Referencias[editar]