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5 Ways Video Games Are Trying To Get You Addicted

Forever Now, the big difference between our Skinner box hamster and a real human is that we humans can get our pellets elsewhere. If a game really was just nothing but clicking a box for random rewards, we'd eventually drop it to play some other game. Humans need a long-term goal to keep us going, and the world of addictive gaming has got this down to a science. Techniques include...

Easing Them In: First, set up the "pellets" so that they come fast at first, and then slower and slower as time goes on. Eliminating Stopping Points: The easiest way is to just put save points far apart, or engage the player in long missions (like WoW raids) that, once started, are difficult to get out of without losing progress.

But that can be frustrating for gamers, so you can take the opposite approach of a game like New Super Mario Bros. Somewhere in that bag is an angry dinosaur and a kidnapped princess. Play It Or Lose It: MLIA. Ultimate Flash Face v0.42b. /b/. Hi /b/My name is Rebecca Cheers and I am a purist/fully functioning feminist who was told about this part of 4chan, and I am quite astounded to find that what I was told was completely true.Why do all of the insecure, neckbeareded males come to this website to hate on proud, strong feminist women?


Is it that we intimidate you? Because let me tell you, if you're a weak man, I dont blame you for being intimidated by such strong, beautiful women. It is my firm belief that all men deserve to be castrated, and please, allow me to tell you why.1. Men are born as violent, inhumane rapists, to hate on men for this isn't fair as they can't help it, thus the need for castration.Comment too long. 4chan Anti Spam. Script Summary: THE MOST ADVANCED AND UPDATED ANTI-SPAM. . . . . . . . . . If there is spam you want blocked the fastest way to alert me is to email at Send the entire spam message, and what specific board it's from, and thread link so I can test the script on it.

Thank you. License: Copyright (c) 2010 ee The script is 100% free, but if you'd like to make a small donation it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Companion script to Run both to have the most complete anti-spam protection! This filters and blocks common spam that appears in threads. The script will notify you daily if there is a new version but if you want instant notification of updates and have an account then click on your name at top right, go to SETTINGS, then to NOTIFICATIONS, then check the top box and you will be emailed when I update the script. Tom Green Gets Trolled Hard. Moot on 'the rules'

4chan Dark Style. So GoogleCode sorta just locked me out of my own project. I have been working on something better. A lot of chans have either died, or exploded. So I'm thinking about proxying and rebooting this style back to usable. But in the meantime: Tidied the post form and fixed the impossible-to-see checkboxii. Personally, I think the disappearing Browse button is hilarious. Enjoy! Hell of Sand. Make Use Of. Security and privacy are some of the major concerns these days while choosing a web browser to use.

Make Use Of

So much so that all the major players in the “browser wars” are providing or developing a private browsing mode. Firefox with the myraid of add-ons that it has to offer is never far from action. Here are some of the top Firefox security and privacy addons that you should install for safer browsing. Stealther Stealther – Stealther provides you with what can be called a private browsing mode. Close ‘n’ Forget Close ‘n’ Forget – While Stealther and Distrust require you to turn on private browsing explicitly, what if you happen to stumble upon a site that you wished you would have known to turn on the private browsing mode for?

WOT – We all know about the threats which surfers suffer like viruses, spywares, adware, malicious spam, phishing etc., but here Web of Trust comes to rescue. NoScript NoScript – An absolute must have security addon for your browser. Panic hideBad Gish It! BetterPrivacy JSview.