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GDPR: How to Prepare in the Calm Before the Storm. Wake up!

GDPR: How to Prepare in the Calm Before the Storm

There’s a new data security regulation on the horizon, and it promises to have a big impact on organizations around the globe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was signed into law last month, leaving a scant two years for businesses to evaluate their security gaps and fix them in time to be compliant and avoid some extremely hefty fines. The storm clouds are gathering. Read on so you can prepare sufficiently and come out the other side stronger — and more trusted by your customers — than ever. What Is GDPR? GDPR will be replacing the current EU Data Protection Directive over the next two years. 2018 will mark the beginning of widespread unification and standardization of data privacy requirements across 28 EU member states. This new legislation is a step in the right direction: It unifies the patchwork of 28 different privacy laws into one regulation applicable to all. GDPR also requires breach notification without undue delay and, where feasible, within 72 hours. 1.

GDPR: The Data Protection Principles (but not as you know them Jim!) Having recently attended the Information Commissioner’s Office Data Protection Practitioners Conference in Manchester, I should start this blog post by echoing the words of our outgoing Commissioner, Christopher Graham, that the Regulation text is not the final version until later this year when it has been reviewed and fully translated for all 28 member states.

GDPR: The Data Protection Principles (but not as you know them Jim!)

But as the Regulation is unlikely to change in material terms, let’s crack on! Whenever you see blogs and articles about the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, they are often focusing on what’s new and “exciting”, be that in a good or bad context (see our summary here). But this blog post will look at some of the things that are remaining familiar, albeit in an edited ‘reshuffled’ form. So let’s go back to basics – the Data Protection Principles. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation in Under 60 Minutes! - Pharma Compliance Info - Le Blog. Europe Is Shifting, And It's a Big Deal - The New GDPR. How GDPR will screw you over - City Cloud. On April 14 the EU accepted the General Data Protection Regulation into law which will be enforced starting April 14, 2018.

How GDPR will screw you over - City Cloud

Organisations all over the world now have 2 years to prepare for these changes but the first challenge is to figure out what needs to be done and understanding the consequences. A while ago my boss asked me what the cost would be to become compliant with GDPR and I really couldn’t give him a good answer. My guess was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 – 100.000 USD but it was no surprise that my answer was not met with great enthusiasm. Apparently managers tend to want more precise predictions.

GDPR update - new era for EU data protection. The European General Data Protection Regulation (now being commonly referred to as the GDPR) appears to have finally reached the end of the EU legislative pipeline with the vote by the European Parliament today, following its adoption by the (EU) Council at the end of last week.

GDPR update - new era for EU data protection

Four years in the making and subject to enormous scrutiny and debate the rules are now ready with their publication in the EU Official Journal as the expected next step. The rules cover many things including mandatory reporting for data breaches, heavier sanctions, extra-territorial jurisdiction, the one-stop-shop, new rights, data protection officers, revised consent, and, data protection impact assessments featuring as key aspects.

Although the new rules become fully applicable in all EU Member States in 2018 now is the time to start preparing. Jonathan Armstrong, Cordery, Lexis House, 30 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4HH Office: +44 (0)207 075 1784 EU votes through new data protection regime with big impact for businesses. The European Parliament has voted through the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ushering in a new era of data protection laws for UK firms.

EU votes through new data protection regime with big impact for businesses

However, it is likely to be two years before the laws start being enforced. The GDPR has been crafted after four years of debate and disagreements, but now brings a single, EU-wide data protection law to the statute books with some notable components. lelcotci nngo asntdn eumseirnigu qdeart at nfeogrn imratrsk eetrionmg dpnuar p,osseehsc,a earnbd aetnasdh rrionfe sr etvhoen rRuitg hlta btool gb ef oF otrngeoct treenp arnudo fd aotta ppuo rftoa bsielniitfy sfeodru lccintii zeesnesh.T ath tt hdee nmioavlep xwei l,ln obiosossitm meocCo nnoameipco rgurEo wethht itna EtuerkorpaeM beyl ggniivSi nlga tfiigrimDs eah tc lfeoa reegrr ashect noif tdnaetdai sperropt eecctiivo n, priesgnuAl astuirodnnsA. poetr stohngailr dlaattan epmraodtneucft ieohnt itsa hgtu aerraunstneee dl lfiowr saelllu,r” wheen seahiTd“.

Essential guide: What the EU Data Protection Regulation changes mean to you.