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Non Electronic Game Design

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Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game. This is a solitaire story game - you read one numbered section after another.

Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game

Each describes a new situation, or provides rules about the choices and actions you can make. There are plenty of events and situations, so each game will be a new, fresh experience.

Materials - The leading source for indie RPGs. Board Game Development. Game Theory. How to Succeed or Fail on Kickstarter. I post a compilation of Kickstarter [1] tabletop game projects (RPG, board, card) on Purple Pawn each week.

How to Succeed or Fail on Kickstarter

I’ve been tracking tabletop game projects on KS pretty much since there have been tabletop game projects on KS. Something like half of KS tabletop game projects get funded. Why? The Forge Forums - Index. Gaming Unplugged Since 2000. Board Game Designers Forum. S(ans)R(andom).com.