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35 Epic Tutorials and Articles for Photography Beginners. Getting into photography is one of the most rewarding hobbies you will ever be likely to undertake.

35 Epic Tutorials and Articles for Photography Beginners

The thing is though, that it is a very big subject. Learning the lot quickly is extremely difficult. That is why we put this list of photography tutorials and articles together! Photo by kangbch We have separated things into the four main categories that will advance your knowledge – controlling the light, controlling you gear, controlling the composition and controlling your post production. Procedural grass tutorial part 02 (Substance Designer 4) After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals. Creating a procedural land texture with images. The last few years have seen a rise in independent video games.

Creating a procedural land texture with images

The studios that make these games are, by necessity, small. Despite the small teams, large scale games have been released in which their scopes seem to defy logic. How can just a few people make a massive world, tons of enemies and items in just a year or two? Traditionally, large scale games have taken 50-person studios several years to make. Substance Designer - Master Thread - Page 37 — polycount. After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals. Substance Designer #8 - Exposing parameters and publishing Substances. Substance Designer: Basic Tiles Tutorial, Pt 2a. Procedural grass tutorial part 01 (Substance Designer 4) Baking High to Low poly maps in Substance painter ( Full Workflow ) Building Sci Fi height maps in Substance Designer. Substance Designer Getting Started: 01 - Creating a base material part Two. Stylized Grass texture creation. Rio de janeiro. Free Bushes by Nobiax on DeviantArt. Unity QA - Patch Releases.

Unity Community. Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! Best of Drone Photography: Amos Chapple [15 Pics] Best of Drone Photography: Amos Chapple [15 Pics] Jan 4 2016 Amos Chapple is a photographer from New Zeland.

Best of Drone Photography: Amos Chapple [15 Pics]

As he travels the world, Amos frequently uses his drone to capture breathtaking imagery from new angles... Be sure to click on images to see them in higher detail. Photo above: Budapest, Hungary Abandoned Gali College Hungary Buda Castle Jama Masjid India Katskhi Pillar, Georgia Lotus Temple Delhi Northern Mumbai Slums. Nature Path Scene - Substance Painter.

Personal Work // Game Art This scene was an exercise in modeling and texturing using photographed references.

Nature Path Scene - Substance Painter

I wanted to achieve a photorealistic output that still felt like it could belong in a game world. Software: 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop Presentation: Marmoset Toolbag 2 Spring. Valve Brings SteamVR to the Unity Platform – Unity Blog. The Funambulist Blog - THE FUNAMBULIST MAGAZINE. Visualizing Architecture User Gallery. Learning to Draw Game Environments. In a recent post I provided an outline for learning to draw video game characters.

Learning to Draw Game Environments

In this article I will cover game environments and how to conceptualize and draw them. Game environments involve a number of different elements, including terrain and landscapes, buildings (houses, factories, etc.) and built elements (bridges, highways, etc.), and any other items that could be considered background in games. Imaginative environments are key to building a great story and universe and one of the most important considerations in game design. Design Cinema - EP 83 - Designing with Silhouettes. Sibret Corentin. Tips: You can download all images to have a 1920x1080 resolution directly on your computer Kitchen cupboard I made during my internship.

This was for a small battelground in a life room. I had no concept or even any idea before coming with this cupboard. I have also done the 3 textures used for this small scene, but I have to make some polish before I put them. Hand-Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary. Tennessee-based artist Charles Clary knows a thing or two about patience as evidenced by his structural paper creations reminiscent of biological formations or topographical maps.

Hand-Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary

In creating a new piece Clary can work for up to 12 hours a day cutting each thin layer in his delicately stacked sculptures that arise from gallery walls or descend into geometric volumes. The artist most recently had an exhibition at Brett Wesley Gallery last month, and you can see much more of his work on his website. Nizza's enviro art learning thread. Isometrics. Full Tutorial List by Topic, Subject and Software for Level Design and Game Environment Art.

Galery of cartoon comic high resolution wallpapers. 80. How to Plan Level Designs and Game Environments Workflow. How to plan your game environments and level designs?

How to Plan Level Designs and Game Environments Workflow

In the last article we talked about why I failed for years in level design and game environments. I focused on one part of the process. The planning stage. Vertex Modelling – 3D Modelling Projects Blog. JOHN CARTER: Sue Rowe - VFX Supervisor - Cinesite - The Art of VFXThe Art of VFX. In 2010, Sue Rowe had told us about his work on PRINCE OF PERSIA.

JOHN CARTER: Sue Rowe - VFX Supervisor - Cinesite - The Art of VFXThe Art of VFX

She then moved on the most ambitious project to date at Cinesite: JOHN CARTER. In the following interview, Sue presents in detail her work of more than two years on this film. 80. Maya tutorial: Block out 3D scenes. Everybody has their own preferred way of doing things.

Maya tutorial: Block out 3D scenes

Like everything else in CG, there is always more than one way to do any one thing. In this tutorial we’re going to go over how to quickly block out a digital set in 3D using Maya, walking through the workflow that I like to use. The first thing to do when starting any project is to gather together a series of reference images that you can refer to as you work. MONSTERLEVEL - 3D VFX CG Artist (Modelling, Texturing, Lighting) Behance. Art Assets – best practice guide – Unity Blog. Scale & Units Set your system and project units for your software to work consistently with Unity e.g.

Art Assets – best practice guide – Unity Blog

Metric. Working to scale can be important for both lighting and physics simulation;Be aware for example; Max system unit default is inches and Maya is centimetres.Unity has different scaling for FBX and 3D application files on import, check FBX import scale setting in Inspector.If in doubt export a metre cube with your scene to match in Unity.Animation frame rate defaults can be different in packages, is a good idea to set consistently across your pipeline – e.g. 30fps for example. Files & Objects. Practical LODs in Unity - Unity 5.3. Creating Displacement , Normal & Bump Map - This tutorial will teach you the differences of displacement and bump maps and normal maps and how to assign them to a shader and a model. This is just an overview tutorial on both subjects, and will teach the basic attributes of both of them. Set-up Step one -Create a sphere by going to create>polygonal primitives>sphere. And that's it.

Using maya projections for texture reference. Grass blades vector free vector download (1,158 files) for commercial use. format: ai, eps, cdr, svg vector illustration graphic art design. Shader Forge. ExportOBJ. Author: DaveA, KeliHlodversson, tgraupmann, drobe Description Exports a GameObject and its child hierarchy's meshes to a Wavefront .OBJ file. This will export the meshes as you see it. This is directly derived from the ObjExporter script. Usage. Emergent gameplay. Emergent gameplay refers to complex situations in video games, board games, or table top role-playing games that emerge from the interaction of relatively simple game mechanics.[1] Intentional emergence[edit] Intentional emergence occurs when some creative uses of the game are intended by the game designers.

Since the 1970s and 1980s board games and table top role playing games such as Cosmic Encounter or Dungeons & Dragons have featured intentional emergence as a primary game function by supplying players with relatively simple rules or frameworks for play that intentionally encouraged them to explore creative strategies or interactions and exploit them toward victory or goal achievement. [citation needed] Creative solutions[edit] RUIN STREET - JONGSOO LEE - ENVIRONMENT ARTIST. Erwin kho. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. Advantages and Disadvantages of 'Low Poly' Styled Games - Josh O'Caoimh. 5K Firewatch Screenshots. Best of OpenStreetMap. Static batching in Unity 3D with Texture Atlas. Texture Packer + Unity Tutorial.

Edit: This issue has been solved and was not due to TexturePacker. Hi lacost, thanks for the tutorial. I am hoping you can help me out with an issue I am having with achieving pixel perfect renders in a simple game. My problem seems to be that in play mode I lose the top line of pixels on my plane. Art Spotlight: Firewatch Fan Art - Sketchfab Blog. In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs. Texture Atlasing with Maya for Unity. Visualizing Architecture.

Oogst 3D: Oogst's portfolio website. The Pixel Lab. 12 Cute Low-Polygon 3D Artworks by Erwin Kho - Photoshop Tutorials. Erwin Kho is a Rotterdam-based illustrator/ graphic designer known for his use of low polygon aesthetics. His creations are both fascinating and sweet – products of his talent and vision. Drawing. Art Tutorials. PAINTING THE OIL BARREL IN SUBSTANCE PAINTER. Dylan Mellott. Behance. Art city ruin desolation postapokaliptika ruins apocalyptic post dark sci-fi wallpaper. Texturing Workshop with Jamin Shoulet Part 1. Substance Painter Tutorial – Fundamentals 07: Working with layers. Benefits of Procedural Materials. We’ve had a chance to talk to Bradford Smith – a talented material designer and 3d artist, who contributed a lot to the Uncharted series. Tilt Shift. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Tilt Shift is a local blur effect that blurs the image based on distance to the center.

It comes in two modes: TiltShift and Iris. Free stock photo of city, bird's eye view, eiffel tower. Depth of Field (Deprecated) Esri CityEngine 2015.0 with Tutorial & Examples. Esri CityEngine 2015.0 with Tutorial & Examples. Cartoon City Mega-Pack. Niall-Taylor-XB2002-Digital-Modelling: Modular Building - 1st Attempt. For this task we had to create a set of modular assets from a texture sheet, and build a building in UDK with these assets. [UE4] Modular Building Set Breakdown. Sibret Corentin. Destroyed City by ChangYuan Jou, via Behance. Zimandzou. Subbu Addanki - Maya Python.