Laugh-out-Loud Cats
Little Dee - Little Dee - (as of 5/26/10, only 15 prints left) (details below) I took down the final strip from this main page, so if new readers come, they have the option of starting at the beginning. I am actually planning of re-running Little Dee from the beginning (although I plan to keep these archives up), perhaps with annotations and using a wordpress format allowing comments etc. It would make most sense to start it June 7th (a monday, by gosh), when the strip actually began. But give me another week to figure out details.
Little Tales - Never Normal
Some Web-like Changes We’ve made a few changes to the site over the last couple of weeks, and rather just wait until you haphazardly come across them, I thought I’d point out a couple I wanted to highlight. Thusly- Comments

Looking For Group

Looking For Group
Loose Ferrets is going on hiatus. Yes, I know, technically Loose Ferrets has already been on hiatus for some time. This is just making it official. My life has changed a lot in the last few months. Loose Ferrets: The Webcomic - Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays Loose Ferrets: The Webcomic - Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays