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Looking For Group - The Webcomic

Looking For Group - The Webcomic

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Wayward Sons: Legends - Sci-Fi Full Page Webcomic - Updates Daily New Adventures WithOccasional Updates Written, Lettered & Createdby Benny R. PowellPencil Artwork by Weilin YangFinishes by Youjun YangColors by Kun Song <a href=" the discussion thread.</a> About Wayward Sons: Legends The daily Science Fiction adventures of the Ulympeans as they war with the Tytans in earth's distant past.

Great Comics by #ActualAsianComicWriters In the wake of revelations that Marvel’s new editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski, wrote a number of Japan-set comics for them under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida in the early 2000s, even going so far as to give interviews in which he invented an entire backstory for his yellowface pen name, Asian comics creators banded together to highlight the work of comics writers who are actually Asian. According to Huffington Post, the hashtag #ActualAsianComicWriters was started by activist Mark Tseng-Putterman. The tag has featured scores of amazing Asian creatives, but we at TMS wanted to highlight a few our favorite works from some of these creators, both in manga and in Western-style comics. Our list below is by no means exhaustive (not even for the individuals whose work we listed!), and we focused on writers because of the nature of the tag, so please share your own recommendations in the comments.

Webcomics My first webcomic launched with this site in 1998. From 1998 to 2004, I regularly posted new comics in various experimental formats, occasionally getting into long online debates about whether this-or-that format was a step toward the future of comics or just a gimmicky dead-end. Most of the comics in this section play with the idea of treating the screen as a window rather than a page (the so-called "infinite canvas" style, most often associated with my book Reinventing Comics). For the most part, that meant big, clunky html tables for users to scroll through, but a few of the later comics like The Right Number test-drove alternate methods like plug-ins which weren't available when the site launched in '98. From 2004 on, I took a break from webcomics to create a couple of books and go on the road with my family for a year, but I hope to create new content again soon, starting with the conclusion of The Right Number and at least one more Morning Improv.

I feel so awesome To wet your appetite with the bonus story found in our new EC book, here's a sample page of the 8 page print-exclusive bonus story. We're pretty happy with the story, so we hope you'll like it! Also, the crossover between Magick Chicks and Eerie Cuties is in full swing. Be sure to visit both sites for twice the fun! Annnnd, if you're an artist/creator who'd be interested in contributing a guest comic for either Eerie Cuties or Magick Chicks, we're looking for comics or illustrations that we could run during the Xmas & New Year holidays.

Editorial Cartoons The Society’s collection of editorial cartoons was started in 1946 with an important donation of works by Pulitzer-prize-winning artist Daniel F. Fitzpatrick. The collection continues to grow, with over 8,000 works from Bill Mauldin, Tom Engelhardt, and many others. The works graphically and often poignantly reflect the attitudes and opinions of the artists and the citizens of Missouri from the early days of the twentieth century through World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and later events that saw the United States develop into a world leader.

Pot Luck Comics Ensign Sue Every Friday!February 3, 2014 by Sarah Once more with feeling! 100 Best Comics And Graphic Novels We've searched shelves, shops and sites across the universe to bring you some really great comics. Shannon Wright for NPR hide caption toggle caption Shannon Wright for NPR We've searched shelves, shops and sites across the universe to bring you some really great comics.

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