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Our 7 Tenets of Future Storyworlds. At the European Broadcast Union (EBU) TV Summit in Copenhagen last week, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd founder and CEO, Robert Pratten, presented our vision for future storyworlds: PERVASIVE – Available on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Our 7 Tenets of Future Storyworlds

Blurs real world and fictional world. PERSISTENT – Story evolves even if you’re not engaging with it. Joe Gebbia: The Power of Story [video] 6-Step Business Storytelling Guide. Imagine if the power of storytelling could do for your salespeople what it did for Al Gore?

6-Step Business Storytelling Guide

Remember how he went from zero to hero. In 1999, for example, facts & figures Al Gore was considered by the American public, according to a Washington Post poll, to be “very boring” or “somewhat boring.” That’s so cruel. However, in 2006, Al Gore changes his approach and learns how to deliver his message through story in the hit presentation/film an “Inconvenient Truth.” Story-Template2. Story / Pixar_22_Rules_of_Storytelling.