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Surreal pictures. Vladimir Kush is the artist of these photos.

Surreal pictures

African Sonata Purse Music of the Woods Book of Books Deep Sea Project Current Breach Shell. The Golden Rule: Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated. There’s something I needed to be reminded of today: Simple?

The Golden Rule: Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated

Yes. Easy to do? Not always. But the rule holds true whether we’re dealing with our spouse, our kids or our coworkers. The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation. Kindness has been my personal response to terror.

The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation

My wife, Shoshana, was murdered by a suicide bomber. She was one of over 100 victims that were killed or injured on August 9, 2001 at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem. Sometimes I wonder whether telling my story can really help others. Since, the way I am coping with tragedy is so different than the norm, would anyone else understand it? Many of the rabbis that came to visit me told me a story about a carpet. I'll Never Be Happy. Angry people often complain that they are not happy.

I'll Never Be Happy

Everything seems to go wrong. The world is an opponent, and life is an uphill battle. Much of this unhappy reality is symptomatic of choices angry people automatically yet actively make - without thought, and without awareness of an underlying mind-set. Happiness is kept at bay because less important things get in the way. Consider an argument with a loved one. 40 Lessons for Finding Strength in Hard Times. Post written by: Marc Chernoff Sometimes you have to die a little on the inside first in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger, smarter version of yourself.

40 Lessons for Finding Strength in Hard Times

Nobody gets through life without losing someone they love, someone they need, or something they thought was meant to be. But it is these losses that make us stronger and eventually move us toward future opportunities for growth and happiness. Over the past five years Angel and I have dealt with several hardships, including the sudden death of a sibling, the loss of a best friend to illness, betrayal from a business partner, and an unexpected (breadwinning) employment layoff. These experiences were brutal. Here are some lessons we’ve learned along the way: You are not what happened to you in the past. – No matter how chaotic the past has been, the future is a clean, fresh, wide open slate. Photo by: Chris Schoenbohm. What Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Can Teach Us about Life, Happiness and Pain. Image by mathias-erhart (license).

What Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Can Teach Us about Life, Happiness and Pain

Note: This is a guest post by Michael Miles of Effortless Abundance. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a Swiss born psychiatrist who spent much of her career writing and speaking about illness, death and dying. Welcome to Namaste Cafe! Serenity's Hope Inspirational Archives. Paulo Coelho's Blog. Heal Your Life - Favorite Authors Share Wisdom, Affirmations, Meditations and Blogs. Dust If You Must...Inspirational Poem from Dust if you must.

Dust If You Must...Inspirational Poem from

But wouldn't it be better to paint a picture, or write a letter, bake a cake, or plant a seed. Ponder the difference between want and need. Thoughtful Prayers and Prayerful Thoughts. Interlude: Prayers. We offer this eclectic collection of prayers for your inspiration.

Interlude: Prayers

Prayers for All Buddhist Prayers Native American Prayers African American Prayers. Dog Photos, Pictures, Cute Puppy Pics, Puppies - A Place to Love Dogs. When You Are Over 50 - Slang to Avoid, What Not to Wear - Jacquelyn Mitchard - AARP Bulletin. How to Change the World. Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts I’ll be doing as part of a partnership with Microsoft and Office Web Apps.

How to Change the World

Over the next two weeks, I’ll cover everything a budding entrepreneur needs to turn an idea into an enchanting investment opportunity—from the perfect pitch to a killer business plan to financial forecasts. I’m going to start with a little dissertation on creating effective PowerPoint pitches for your company. I embedded the sample deck for you to click through by using the PowerPoint Web App. When you’re ready to get started, you can download the deck from my public SkyDrive folder and use it as the starting point for your own perfect pitch. Enjoy! How to Stay Unhappy! It's one of the fundamental goals of most human beings: becoming and staying happy.

How to Stay Unhappy!

Happiness is a feeling, a state of mind; it's something you create in your own brain. Over the years I've watched various friends search tirelessly for happiness by changing jobs, moving to new cities, pursuing intimate relationships, buying fancy cars and/or expensive boats, and tweaking all sorts of other external factors in their lives. And guess what? They are still unhappy! Because they spend all of their time, energy and money adding positive externals to their lives when their internals are still in the negatives...

So with that in mind, here are 80+ ways to stay unhappy forever! In fact, according to a German/American scientific study, overall levels of happiness decline from one's teens until one's 40s and then pick up again until they peak in one's early 70s. BE GRATEFUL... Kind over matter. Please welcome Tara, our second guest blogger for our special Kind Kindred guest blogging feature! I met Tara online through Handmade in Pa last summer, right before she took over Scoutie Girl - it's been such a pleasure getting to know her through her blog, it's definitely a daily read of mine! I'm so excited to have her here on Kind Over Matter today sharing part of her story! Enjoy! Xoxo - Amanda Everything Happy by Stephanie Corfee.

Inspirational Things To See And Do.