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Rihanna's November Vanity Fair Cover Is Making Headlines. Alexander wang’s replacement at balenciaga has been announced. Demna Gvasalia, the Georgian designer at the helm of Vetements, has been announced as the new Artistic Director at Balenciaga, taking over from Alexander Wang, who showed his final collection for the French fashion house on Friday during Paris Fashion Week.

alexander wang’s replacement at balenciaga has been announced

Investigating the Conspiracy That Says Avril Lavigne Was Killed off and Repla... When Avril Lavigne released the video for the hyper-kawaii trainwreck of a track “Hello Kitty” two years ago, fans were confused.

Investigating the Conspiracy That Says Avril Lavigne Was Killed off and Repla...

“burberry made my skin darker” neelam gill. M.A.C Cosmetics “M.A.C.nificent Me” Campaign Embraces Plus Size Women – The S... M.A.C Cosmetics has once again found a way to redefine the face of beauty with their new campaign called “M.A.Cnificent Me”.

M.A.C Cosmetics “M.A.C.nificent Me” Campaign Embraces Plus Size Women – The S...

The cosmetic pioneers selected six unique individuals who all proved to be magnificent in their own way but one of the chosen models definitely has everyone talking! Meet LuzMaria Vargas, a plus size woman who is standing for all like herself. According to NYLON Magazine, Vargas is from Anaheim, California and was shocked to find out she was chosen for this special campaign. Watch winnie harlow meet her adorable mini-me, april star.

"Every time I see her, all over the Internet, I see the little girl I could have been at her age," Winnie Harlow says, on the verge of joyful tears, about 10-year-old April Star, an aspiring model who also has the same skin condition, vitiligo, that causes Harlow's distinctive pigmentation.

watch winnie harlow meet her adorable mini-me, april star

"You are probably the most confident person that I know on Instagram, and I wish that I could meet her," is what Star tells presenters she would say to Harlow, right before they surprise her by bringing out her hero. Jeremy scott’s cyborg club girls were a 60s sci-fi dream. Bouncing down the runway to the ecstatic sounds of The B-52s, the wigs at Jeremy Scott's spring/summer 16 show yesterday looked animatronic.

jeremy scott’s cyborg club girls were a 60s sci-fi dream

A tonged blond sex kitten do bobbed up and down against Gigi Hadid's golden shoulders as she opened the show in a candy-coloured vinyl halter top and mini skirt. Her lips were painted Palm Beach coral and IRL Barbie girl Paris Hilton smiled approvingly in the front row. The fight of the uk size 12 model. Photography Rebecka Slatter When it comes to the diversification of the fashion industry, of its begrudging acceptance of alternative beauty ideals, it feels like not one day goes by without competing factions publicly warring with one another, or without high profile individuals (cc: Hervé Léger exec Patrick Couderc) flinging their controversial two pence pieces into the fiery pit.

the fight of the uk size 12 model

Amongst all this, and on the back of a fantastic, burgeoning plus-size wave that is currently crashing down on outdated beauty trends, is a bunch of female models trying to make their own mark - those that are a UK size 12. I keep seeing perplexed online comments by Joe Public or articles by nonplussed writers pondering where the size 12s or 14s have all got to, when it comes to lauded models. The thing is, size 12 in the modelling industry is a bit No Man's Landish. I'm an inbetweenie model. Photography Katt Webster @tinbaths. ​agnes hedengård was told she was too fat to be a model.

In yet another example of the fashion world's body shaming bullshit, a 5ft 11inch Swedish model with a BMI of 17.5 (which in medical terms means underweight) was told by agencies she was too "big" for the industry.

​agnes hedengård was told she was too fat to be a model

Muslims Have Revealed The Drastic Ways Their Lives Changed After 9/11. By : Jamie Roberts | 25 August 2015 23.2kShares A Reddit user opened up a thread inviting the Muslim users of the site to reveal the ways in which their lives changed after 9/11.

Muslims Have Revealed The Drastic Ways Their Lives Changed After 9/11

Some of the responses people shared were pretty sickening. They include plenty of tales of racism and prejudice meted out on Muslims and non-Muslims with dark skin. Afropunk Street Style Fest - Best Brooklyn Fashion. Quietly, in Commodore Barry Park, Afropunk Fest has been consistently upping its game, year over year, to be the alternative-music festival of Brooklyn.

Afropunk Street Style Fest - Best Brooklyn Fashion

Welcome to Dismaland: A First Look at Banksy’s New Art Exhibition Housed Insi... Photo by Christopher Jobson for Colossal WESTON-SUPER-MARE — Inside the walls of a derelict seaside swimming resort in Weston-super-Mare, UK, mysterious construction over the last month—including a dingy looking Disney-like castle and a gargantuan rainbow-colored pinwheel tangled in plastic—suggested something big was afoot.

Welcome to Dismaland: A First Look at Banksy’s New Art Exhibition Housed Insi...

Suspicion and anticipation surrounding the unusual activity attributed to fabled artist and provocateur Banksy has reached a Willy Wonka-esque fervor. Well, if Banksy’s your bag, continue fervoring. Anger as the traditional african dashiki is declared "the newest it-item of n... Pissed Off Internet Trolls Are Turning Plus Size Women Skinny in the Name of ... Ever wonder what a skinnier Tess Holliday might look like?

Project Harpoon whipped up a fake version of the model. Photo: Project Harpoon/Facebook A social media campaign has inspired a series of digitally manipulated images, with users encouraged to take images of “big, beautiful women,” make them thinner, and share a side-by-side comparison with the hashtag #ThinnerBeauty. Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ Exhibit Looks Like A Post-Apocaltyptic Fun Fair. When these structures started going up around the western seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, locals believed a film set was being built. That’s because nobody told them otherwise. But now the truth is out, and the reality is arguably much more intriguing.

The site will actually be the home to Banksy’s new exhibition titled ‘Dismaland.’ Credit: YouTube MORE: Middle Class Graffiti Is Maybe The Most Inspiring Thing We've Ever Seen MORE: New Photos From ‘Suicide Squad’ Show Margot Robbie Tattooing Other Cast Members On Set. By - Chalany High Heels. Dafy hagai's dreamy photographs of israeli teens. In one photo, a girl's torso shimmers in an aquamarine swimming pool, and in another, a topless woman lies in a field among the hooves of horses. These are examples of the intimate and lush photography in Dafy Hagai's Summer zine and Israeli Girls book, two printed projects that explore girlhood in the contemporary Middle East. The Chicago Church That Has Been Transformed Into a Family Home - 100FlavoursUK. Shop Cocurata’s Blend of Contemporary Art and Fashion for Its Fall 2015 Abstr... Watch fka twigs' new audio-visual epic m3ll155x. FKA Twigs has revealed a new 5 track EP and 16 minute long film project titled M3LL155X, featuring four tracks from the EP with four surreal and spectacular films that follow on from each other in one coherent Twigs-directed video artwork.

Twigs revealed the title of the project in June, describing M3LL155X (or "Mellissa") as her "personal female energy", adding that it's "not a weird alter ego", but a "way of separating it from myself". The film project opens with Figure 8, a track inspired by New York vogue legend Derek Prodigy that premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show last week. The film stars Michèle Lamy (the partner of Rick Owens), who wears her trademark stacks of jewellery with body markings and gold grills. Like a dark jester, dimly illuminated by her own fire fly-like light, Lamy winds her hands around her face and mouths along to the lyrics. Figure 8 is followed by two brand new tracks: I'm Your Doll and In Time.

Zendaya schools the world on cultural appropriation. In a new interview Zendaya has weighed in on the heated subject of cultural appropriation. It’s a topic that keeps rearing its head, both in the media and on Twitter – whether it’s a conversation about M.I.A.’s new video or Kylie Jenner’s cornrows. Speaking with Nylon, the 18-year-old singer and actress stressed that there’s a difference between appreciating and appropriating other cultures.

“You can go about it as cultural appreciation or cultural appropriation,” she said. “You have to be very careful. Some things are really sacred and important to other cultures, so you have to be aware, politically, about those things before you just adopt them. “I urge people to take the extra step of knowledge and learn about things,” she continued. Dr. Dre is building an art school in Compton. Miley Cyrus hits out at Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video. Ten iconic books that will go down in fashion history. In a new series, the team behind the inimitable IDEA Books – the shop at Dover Street Market dedicated to the rarest and most iconic art, fashion and design publications – look through their archive to select some of the most standout works.

New York cops are photographing homeless people. Topshop Gets Called Out For Unrealistic Mannequin Body Standards. How To Do DIY Denim Splatter - Page 1. Bruuns Bazaar Copenhagen Spring 2016 Fashion Show: Runway Review - Andy Warhol Fashion Collaborations - Runway Collections.

Reebok FACE Stockholm Collection - summer beauty, sneakers. The Mercantile Store Fall Campaign - Online Vintage Shopping. Why we should treat creative work like any other job. Delve into birmingham's sound system history. Street sound and style: episode eight supreme kids and online style. The collage mash-up madness of the daily splice. The Daily Splice aka Adam Hale first caught our eye with an unlikely collage mashup of Sam Smith and the star cover of our Winter Warm Up Issue, Jourdan Dunn. In the vein of upcycling, Adam takes images out of free weekly magazines, usually of topical news or recent fashion stories and creates completely new images from them.

Young artists vs. silicon valley in the bay area. The tech scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, and its resulting culture, have become so outrageous that people often reach for the Renaissance as a metaphor for the change it's causing across the world. "It reminds me a lot of the Medici Family," says Miranda Lee Morgan, an architect and interior designer working in San Francisco. It's true -- tech functions as a benefactor of sorts for the SF art community in the way the rich families of the old Italian city states did for Leonardo, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, et al.

Twice caste: for all the people who tick ‘mixed other’ on application forms. Could los angeles become art's new capital city? Could nashville be america's next fashion capital? Dafy hagai's dreamy photographs of israeli teens. Lukhanyo mdingi and the changing world of south african fashion. Willy vanderperre and raf simons: everything is fresh and everything is new. ​the second wave of skate culture.