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Soccer Match Analysis by Matteo Masucci on Prezi.

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100 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Online. Whether you’re getting ready to take an international trip or you’re just ready to brush up on your foreign language skills, there are lots of resources to help you learn online no matter where you study: Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia – anywhere!

100 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Online

From schools to translators and dictionaries, find the help you need here in this list of 100 ways that you can learn a foreign language online. Courses & Schools Formal classes, course collections, and more can be found here. Dictionary Get quick translation resources from these dictionaries. Phrases Find out how to speak certain phrases with the help of these resources.

EdX Code. Browse free online courses. 12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Like a Boss. Learning Spanish?

12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Like a Boss

Have a smartphone? Then you’re in luck. You can learn Spanish with songs and music. You have fantastic Spanish podcasts at your fingertips. And of course, you have a sea of apps for learning Spanish. So where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve found 11 of the best apps for learning Spanish well, and for having fun while you’re at it. In fact, you’ll feel just like you’re playing a game on your smartphone. Let’s dive straight in. 12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Like a Boss 1. Duolingo Website | iOS | Android Price: Free Description Among all the apps here, Duolingo probably has the highest ratings of all – it won the Best App Award in 2013 in both the AppStore and the Google Play Store.

Duolingo Spanish is split up into units that have a certain theme (e.g. education, work, medicine), and it’s designed so that each unit goes up in difficulty. Within each unit, there are sub-units. There are about 20 questions per sub-unit. If this sounds like a lot, think again. It’s really well paced. 2.

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Printed Custom Packaging Stickers & Box Stickers Buy Online. How to buy custom packaging and box stickers online in 3 simple steps 1).

Printed Custom Packaging Stickers & Box Stickers Buy Online

Branding. FBA info. Udemy Mentor Philip Ebiner: Video Produc... "No editing software is going to actually make your course better.

Udemy Mentor Philip Ebiner: Video Produc...

It's HOW you use them that will. " Hometown: San Dimas, CaliforniaUdemy Birthday: September, 2012Favorite Udemy Course: Photography for Kids - Phil created this course with his younger brother and they split the profits! First Pet: A caterpillar named Fluffy Phil has published a huge range of Udemy courses, from resume writing skills to cat ownership tips! However, his true passion and expertise lies in video production. 1) Planning “Having an idea for how you want the course to look and feel will change how you shoot, light, and edit your lessons.” 2) Recording and Exporting Video Make sure you’re recording in at least 720p (HD).

However, Phil actually recommends rendering in 1920 x 1080! Equipment and Software Recommendations: Microphone “Currently my favorite piece of equipment for teaching online is my Blue Snowball Microphone. Screencasting “Screenflow & Camtasia are the way to go. Motion Graphics and Animation Lighting.

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FRozen. Wholesale tech. Website info. Soccer training. Mens apparel. Child accessories. Child safety. SoccerSkillsCards. Tools. Learn How to Code this Weekend. Learning to program. 7 Major Players In Free Online Education. By Jennifer Berry Imagine a world where free, college-level education was available to almost everyone.

7 Major Players In Free Online Education

Believe it or not, you're living in that world right now. Online education has been around for decades, but in the past couple of years, interest has spiked for massive open online courses, otherwise known as MOOCs, according to Brian Whitmer, co-founder of Instructure, an education technology company that created the Canvas Network, a platform for open online courses.

"Since 2012, MOOCs have caught the attention of the educational world due to their potential to disrupt how education is delivered and open up access to anyone with an Internet connection," Whitmer explains. According to "Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States," a report by the Babson Survey Research Group released in January 2014, the percent of higher education institutions that currently have a MOOC increased from 2.6 percent to 5.0 percent over the past year. Coursera.