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The Freedom Square of Internet. Archive & Revenge of the Nagging of the Nerds - StumbleUpon. The Prophecy is fulfilled!

Archive & Revenge of the Nagging of the Nerds - StumbleUpon

Part II in the ongoing saga of how to ruin friendships with petty remarks is finally here! I hope you all enjoy these and are able to use them to their fullest ability. Also, I saw “How to Train Your Dragon” today. It is super great and will increase your love of dragons roughly a thousandfold. Here is proof: The Complete History of SNLs Celebrity Jeopardy. These days Norm MacDonald is all over the place — he has a Comedy Central special, a Twitter feud with Steve Martin, a profile in the New York Times, and a new show that premieres tonight. So what better time to revisit one of his most hilarious achievements ever: creating the original Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy sketch, which is one of the funniest and most enduring in the show’s history.

Here they are from start to finish. 1. Manly recipe! - StumbleUpon. Ten cereals you may not remember. Have you noticed the big thing on Facebook these days is those lists of your five favorite whatevers?

Ten cereals you may not remember.

You know...favorite breeds. I had just finished my five favorite fascist dictators and sick day excuses when I saw one that really brought me back to my childhood. Internetz! - - StumbleUpon. A BeTaMaXMaS. The Human Marvels - StumbleUpon. LUKE CHUEH : DEFENDER OF THE GRAIL. Zladko &Zlad& Vladcik was to perform his very popular techno-ballad, &Elektronik & Supersonik& - StumbleUpon.