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8 Best Bullet Journal Apps For Your Personal BuJo (Android/iOS) Bullet journals are known within people having an affair with their pen and diary where they can write about their day in bullet points, make a to-do list for the next day or find how their mood is.

8 Best Bullet Journal Apps For Your Personal BuJo (Android/iOS)

These bullet journals also act as mood, sleep or period trackers, and mostly able to keep your life organized. BuJo or Bullet Journals have surely kept people’s live aligned for a long time, but technology has grasped a whole lot of time for many. It becomes a wise decision to keep bullet journal apps on their phone if time doesn’t allow you to open your diary every night. You can choose to unlock your phone, note the tracking habits using bullet journal apps and finally keep your life manageable. It is also not easy for everyone to maintain a hard cover diary, hence let’s explore some of the best bullet journal apps below.

What else can be done with bullet journals? 1. Organize your work and personal life while maintaining a balance between the two using Trello. Download: Android | iPhone 2. 10 Best Beat Making Software 2020 :Create Your Own Music. Music is the best way to express the inner side and show your creativity to the world.

10 Best Beat Making Software 2020 :Create Your Own Music

And many budding artists are following this path to express their eternal love for music. Some of them rely on learning various musical instruments and making new beats, whereas some follow the electronic version where every kind of beat aligns with good beat making software. Though learning instruments from the core is a great way, it might not be possible for every artist to afford a new instrument. This is why new beat making software are rolling in the market and in every music industry, be it Hollywood or Bollywood, it is becoming popular . How To Rename The Bluetooth Device Name on Windows 10 PC? You may use Bluetooth technology to transfer data between devices or connect any compatible device with your PC.

How To Rename The Bluetooth Device Name on Windows 10 PC?

All you have to do is to turn on Bluetooth option on devices and search for the correct name., This might be a bit complicated or boring with all the generic standard formats followed by the OEMs. However, it is possible to change the Bluetooth device name on your Windows 10 computer, and rechristen it with the name you like. To change the Bluetooth device name, you can either simply change the name of your PC, which will automatically change Bluetooth’s name of your PC, or you can follow a bit more complicated method and change the Bluetooth driver’s name altogether.

Fun Facts on Bluetooth If you did not know, then there is an interesting fact on how the name Bluetooth was derived. King Harald made his place in history by uniting the warring Scandinavian tribes in the region popularly known as Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Method 1. Step 1. Step 2. 15 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone To Record Audio in High-Quality. Gone are those days when you used to carry an audio recording device to remember an interesting conversation.

15 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone To Record Audio in High-Quality

Now, you can use your iPhone, iPads as they come with a built-in voice recording app, Voice Memo. The only drawback of this app is that you cannot do anything else on it. This the story with most of the Apple apps. Therefore, here we will enlist best voice recorder apps for iPhone that offer more features than the stock Voice Memo app. How To Stop Someone From Following You On Instagram. Instagram is working hard to provide easy management tools to its clients so that they can decide who can follow them or who cannot.

How To Stop Someone From Following You On Instagram

People are able to influence the world through their Instagram accounts and changing the course of plans. But in the midst of this, there are some people who annoy you for promotion of their brand or irritate you by sending unnecessary messages that disrupt your mood and pace of work. For all the cases, Instagram began with the feature of removing unwanted followers for those who had private accounts. Thankfully, it is now possible for everyone without creating the need for blocking the person. Through this blog, we will quickly tell you how to stop people following you on Instagram and have a stress free and safe social media life!

Best Open World Games Of 2020 : Explore The Game In Your Own Way. How about players getting a chance to rule over set game guidelines and roam in the virtual realm just the way they desire?

Best Open World Games Of 2020 : Explore The Game In Your Own Way

It seems interesting, right? This is what best open world games would give you. From exploring stories, missions and winning over the quests, the player is free to explore at his own pace and style. How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac Easily. High-Efficiency Image File Format or HEIC is a special kind of format that is used to store photos in mobile devices.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac Easily

If you notice the extension, you may find images having ‘.heic’ or even ‘heif’ as well. Apple started with standard HEIC format all on its devices since 2017, and this format is certainly best for Mac and other iOS devices. But,this format doesn’t work every time for you. Some applications may require you to upload images only in JPG format. 10 Best MMORPG Games For Android. Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or MMORPG on Android is exciting for the gamers.

10 Best MMORPG Games For Android

You can interact with other gamers online, gather together for an attack and win the battle, slay the enemies and get over the quest. Moreover, when you play these games on Android phones, there is no limitation of sticking back to PC like old times, and you can rule over the gaming session anytime, and anywhere. Now, there are so many MMORPG games for Android showing up but how to select the best among them? It is really OK, if you are in doubt and don’t know which one to choose, we have got you the best MMORPG for Android listed down here. 1. Rating: 4.2 Price: Free. How To Create A Poll On Facebook? Creating a poll on Facebook is one of the best ways to find the thoughts, opinions and straight answers from the people.

How To Create A Poll On Facebook?

This is also probably the quickest way to find answers, which could have been difficult if asked personally. Interestingly, Facebook allows you to create a poll on the personal, business, story or even messenger. So no need to worry about separate professional or personal polling sessions as Facebook makes it easier only. How To Create A Poll On A Group? Suppose that you have designed new architectural plans and views for your client, and you wish to ask similar business followers for their opinion.

Step 1: Log in to the Facebook account. Step 2: From the left-hand bar on the Home page, choose the group where you wish to create a poll. Step 3: Click on ‘Write something’ and select ‘Poll’ from here. How To Create A Poll On Facebook? 10 Best KeepVid Alternatives in 2020. If you love downloading YouTube, the chances are that you have already heard of KeepVid.

10 Best KeepVid Alternatives in 2020

With the closing down of YouTube, video lovers are on a constant lookout for a decent KeepVid alternative. And, here we have curated not just one or two but 10 of the best KeepVid alternatives that help you convert YouTube videos in any desired format you want. 7 Best PayPal Alternatives For Freelancers [2020] We know that PayPal is indeed the best way to transfer and receive money from anywhere and anytime. But we need PayPal alternatives when there are bars like the country’s internal economic disputes, high charges for transfer, freezing of accounts, and delay in withdrawing money from bank accounts.

This is where various popular alternatives to PayPal have come up with more or less similar features, probably lower processing fees, and instant bank account transfers. With that, let’s explore PayPal alternatives below and checkoutthe features of each of them. 1. Zelle No fund transfer fees and secure peer to peer payment makes Zelle a perfect PayPal alternative! Features : A strong backup of banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, etc. make it trustworthy. When you enter the amount to be sent, the recipient will get a notification, which includes details related to procedure of payment. 10 Best Google Trips Alternatives in 2020. Travellers need Google Trips alternatives because the end of Google Trips on 5th August 2019 has brought a lot of dismay for several travellers across the globe.

After all, using this you could track your travel plans, explore destinations, save your favourite place and whatnot. Gramblr Is Not Working? Here're The Gramblr Alternatives. If you are a social media assistant and uploads new images every day on Instagram for promotion, Gramblr must have been your colleague for the day. With Gramblr, you were able to upload a number of posts using a PC at home or office. It acted as a powerful third-party application to run Instagram on PC, where pictures and promotions were done without using the phone. And frankly, it is easier to sort all the work through one system. Though Gramblr was launched in 2008, it is no longer being developed by the official sources. How To Block A Number On Android. Does it happen to you that someone annoys you for unnecessary reasons and you wish they stop calling you in any case?

Well, it has happened to me several times, and I cannot even switch my phone number to get rid of the caller. This is why the need for blocking a phone number came up. Do you also want to know how to block a phone number on an Android phone? Well, you are in the right place. Moreover, you can block spam calls, telemarketers, credit card sellers, and other strangers whom you never want to hear back after learning how to block a phone number on your Android smartphone. How To Delete A Reddit Account. Many of us are running away from social media and the influence of random people around the world to keep calm in our lives.

Though Reddit is an interesting forum that provides more information to us rather than diverting our minds but you know that we cannot trust ourselves with the internet. So those of you who are looking for how to delete Reddit account, we are here to help you. While you are already erasing Reddit account, do not forget to find ways on how to cure social media addiction along with the best apps that track social media usage. You need to remember that deleting Reddit account means it is permanently gone, and you cannot get it back. However, you can make a new account in the future but your username, chats and discussions are all gone while deleting Reddit account. 10 Best Hamachi Alternatives For Ultimate Gaming Experience. Hamachi is a virtual private network that gamers use to play offline games within a local area network. How To Download Private Facebook Videos.

A private Facebook video is a videowhose settings are customizedby the person,who posted it in such a manner that everyone cannot see it. Yes, it is different from the public Facebook video, which is visible by everyone. Best Tumblr Alternatives 2019. Best PowerPoint Alternatives Of 2019. PowerPoint is undoubtedly a leading software to build presentations using its smart tool kit and amazing templates that do not require you to make extra efforts. How to Record Streaming Online Videos - Gajendra Singh - Medium. The best screen capture & video recorder software offers the easiest & safest solution to capture screen, record video, edit image & video, and more. The Best Anti Malware Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC In 2019.

With the Internet becoming affordable, it is fairly easy for people to access it. From individuals to businesses, all of them use devices connected to the internet for storing and processing data, entertainment and other miscellaneous purposes. 10 Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives 2019: Top Survey Software. WorkBench. Malware Protection Tools to Keep Your System Safe. Best LaTex Editors Of 2019.

LaTex or Lamport Tex is not a new term for those who are regular with writing journals of technical, mathematical, psychological or scientific fields. It is so as LaTex has become one of the most popular methods of document presentation and used for any form of publishing. Now the best latex editors available today can help in controlling the content on your own terms by Typesetting the articles or slide presentations.Allows control even over large documents through sectioning, cross-reference, tables, etc.Inclusion of artwork or color, etc.

Skillswise - English Games. 10 Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server. Discord bots are used in gaming platforms for communication and digital distribution. They are quite popular for voice and text chat among gamers and can be used to customize your own server. This article consists of some of the best discord bots which you can find online. How To Remove Watermark From Video On Windows. Fort McMoney. Games and social media. Brain Games and Online Puzzles. Material Docente. Best FaceApp Alternative Apps For iPhones And Android. 10 Best Epub Readers for Windows 10, 7 and 8. Free YouTube Alternatives For New Dose Of Entertainment!

MacBook Pro Overheating ? Here are the Fixes! Internet of Everything. Quizizz. Google Password Manager – Alternatives Do Exist! 5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives 2019. 5 Best Color Picker Tools For Your Windows PC! 7 Best Video Capture Software for Windows PC. 10 Best Password Manager for Windows 10, 8, 7. Best DVD Burning Software For Mac. 9 Best Free Software Updaters For Windows.

Top 9 Fastest Browsers For Windows 10, 8, 7. 8 Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7. 7 Best Disk Partition Software for Windows 10, 8, 7. The Best Anti Malware Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC In 2019. How to Identify and Terminate Keylogger on Mac. 6 Best File Copy Utility Software For Windows In 2019 [Updated] 9 Best Free Software Updaters For Windows. 8 Best Uninstaller Software for Windows In 2019[Updated] 11 Best Video Converter Software For Windows 10, 7 and 8 in 2019. Best DVD Burning Software For Mac. 10 Best Disk Space Analyzer Software for Windows 10/8/7/XP. Best Password Storage Software Vault To Save Password On Windows.

10 Best Password Manager for Windows 10, 8, 7. How To Recover Data From Formatted Drive on Windows PC. Google Password Manager – Alternatives Do Exist! 7 Best Video Capture Software for Windows PC. Here Are 5 Best Color Picker Tools For Your Windows PC!