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Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #1 This is a new feature here at the Lifestream Blog. As the Lifestreaming concept proliferates across the web, I am seeing more people using scripts, plugins, and other code to create some unique Lifestreams that are self hosted. I plan to spotlight some of these sites. This will hopefully be an on-going feature as I come across some great sites in the future. Also feel free to submit sites to me by using the contact form. Site: Yongfook.comCode: Custom Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #1
Six Ways To Update Your Status - ReadWriteWeb As Twitter began to fail on a regular basis, many of its users turned to other micro-blogging services to continue on with their 140-character lifestyle. Some returned to Jaiku or Pownce, others starting plurking, and just recently, an open source Twitter clone launched called which has people "denting" (Yes, really - it won the vote). And then there are the true social media addicts who joined each one of these services as they launched. Six Ways To Update Your Status - ReadWriteWeb