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In case the quotes didn’t clue you in, this post doesn’t argue against massive open online courses (MOOCs) such as the ones offered by Udacity, Coursera, and edX. I think they are very worthy ventures and will serve to progress our system of higher education. I do however agree with some criticisms of these courses, and that there is room for much more progress. I propose an alternative model for such massive open online learning experiences, or MOOLEs, that focuses on solving “problems,” but first, here’s a sampling of some of the criticisms of MOOCs. Criticisms of MOOCs What’s the “problem” with MOOCs? « EdTechDev What’s the “problem” with MOOCs? « EdTechDev
endorses higher education guidelines APA has joined a national initiative to improve the quality of education on U.S. campuses by endorsing new guidelines that call for colleges and universities to step up their efforts to measure and improve student learning. APA's Board of Directors approved the document, "Committing to Quality: Guidelines for Assessment and Accountability" on Dec. 9. The guidelines encourage colleges and universities to promote evidence-based education and strive to be more transparent about the skills students are graduating with, says APA Executive Director for Education Cynthia Belar, PhD. "The effort is one to advance professionalism in higher education with respect to teaching and learning, and thus serve students and the public better," says Belar. endorses higher education guidelines
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¿Qué balance hacen de la lucha estudiantil y las elecciones universitarias? Javiera: Existen 2 balances instalados a nivel nacional. El del gobierno que plantea que nuestra lucha estaba condenada de antemano y no tenía ningún efecto en la realidad salvo cambios parciales como inyectar mayores recursos a través de becas (aumentándolas de 170 a 280 mil) y créditos blandos para poder estudiar con un menor costo de endeudamiento. “Nos estamos preparando para nuevos desafíos y luchas que se avecinan” “Nos estamos preparando para nuevos desafíos y luchas que se avecinan”