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Creativity Techniques

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The Act of Creation by Arthur Koestler (.EPUB) But I Can't Draw (or Write or Dance or Sing)! A lot about drawing reminds me of how the creative process works with writing.

But I Can't Draw (or Write or Dance or Sing)!

SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking® Our “Systematic Inventive Thinking – SIT” method consists of multiple layers.

SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking®

Think Inside the Umbrella: The Five Techniques of S.I.T. Umbrellas have been around a very long time dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Think Inside the Umbrella: The Five Techniques of S.I.T.

Yet, little has changed to the basic concept...until recently. Here are five examples of innovative umbrellas that could have been invented with one of the techniques of Systematic Inventive Thinking. 1. Subtraction: The Subtraction Technique is defined as: the elimination of core components rather than an addition of new systems and functions. Innovation in Practice. 10 Principles of Lean User Experience. Six Thinking Hats. From Mycoted Early in the 1980s Dr.

Six Thinking Hats

Edward de Bono invented the Six Thinking Hats method. The method is a framework for thinking and can incorporate lateral thinking. Valuable judgmental thinking has its place in the system but is not allowed to dominate as in normal thinking. Dr. de Bono organized a network of authorized trainers to introduce the Six Thinking Hats. The six hats represent six modes of thinking and are directions to think rather than labels for thinking. Rejection Breeds Fresh Ideas. Unconventional Wisdom on Creativity. Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques (2nd Edition) free ebook download. Creative Thinking Articles and Techniques by Michael Michalko. Why Some Brainstorms Suck.

Innovation guru John Kao proposed in his landmark book , that brainstorming is like making music – that if you enjoy some natural talent at inventing and combine it with some training and dedicated practice, you can someday become a "concert quality innovator" leading brainstorms that stimulate blissful co-invention, enable deep collaborative thinking, and produce ideas that can literally change the world. At their best, brainstorms offer a rare opportunity during the typical business grind to let the brain’s pedal hit the metal, open it up, and let your collective creativity fly. Unfortunately, without training or natural skill at the art of managing "group ideation processes", brainstorming can be pretty ineffective and a waste of valuable corporate resources.

At such times, brainstorms turn into a gloomy confirmation of the worst qualities of your corporate culture. There are many, many ways to kill a brainstorm and suck the life out of their participants. Where do we begin? Space for Creative Thought. Many people set aside their summer vacations as times for creativity—during their breaks they’ll finally start to work on that book or screenplay or painting that’s been floating around in their heads since last summer, for example. Environmental psychologists, also known as design psychologists, have been researching the sorts of places in which people are most likely to think creatively for some time, and everyone can apply what they’ve learned.

Psychologists have found, for example, that we’re more likely to be creative in rooms with: Views of nature or a water feature Lots of daylight Leafy green plants. Annie Murphy Paul: Your Morning Routine Is Making You Dull. Brrriiinnng.

Annie Murphy Paul: Your Morning Routine Is Making You Dull

The alarm clock buzzes in another hectic weekday morning. You leap out of bed, rush into the shower, into your clothes and out the door with barely a moment to think. A stressful commute gets your blood pressure climbing. 7 Tips I Use to Spark My Creativity. I've read a lot of advice about how to spark creativity .

7 Tips I Use to Spark My Creativity

Everyone's creativity takes a different form, however, so the advice that works varies from person to person. Salvador Dali's Creative Thinking Technique. 6 Techniques to Ignite Your Inner Creativity & Passion. Most of us were taught that creativity comes from the thoughts and emotions of the mind.

6 Techniques to Ignite Your Inner Creativity & Passion

The greatest singers, dancers, painters, writers, and filmmakers recognize that the most original, and even transformative, ideas actually come from the core of our being, which is accessed through an "open-mind consciousness. " In ancient traditions, open-mind consciousness was considered to be a spiritual awakening, the great enlightenment that dissolves the darkness of confusion and fear , and ushers in peace, happiness , clarity, and contentment. How the Mind Creates Ideas. Systems thinking. Impression of systems thinking about society[1] A system is composed of interrelated parts or components (structures) that cooperate in processes (behavior).

Systems thinking

Natural systems include biological entities, ocean currents, the climate, the solar system and ecosystems. Designed systems include airplanes, software systems, technologies and machines of all kinds, government agencies and business systems. Systems Thinking has at least some roots in the General System Theory that was advanced by Ludwig von Bertalanffy in the 1940s and furthered by Ross Ashby in the 1950s. The term Systems Thinking is sometimes used as a broad catch-all heading for the process of understanding how systems behave, interact with their environment and influence each other. Systems thinking has been applied to problem solving, by viewing "problems" as parts of an overall system, rather than reacting to specific parts, outcomes or events and potentially contributing to further development of unintended consequences.

Brainstorming: What do do and what NOT to do. Running a successful brainstorming session takes a lot of skill and practice.

Brainstorming: What do do and what NOT to do

The key is to set the ground rules at the beginning and to reinforce them. One of the most important rules is to expand upon the ideas of others. Make Your Thoughts Visible. Techniques for Creative Thinking. Collectively, there are several hundred techniques published in books by Michael Michalko, Andy Van Gundy, James Higgins, Dilip Mukerjea and others.

Techniques for Creative Thinking

Techniques are like tools in a workshop, with different tools for different parts of the creative process. 7 Great Ways To Rekindle Your Creativity. 10 Ways to Develop Your Creativity. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! 13 Problem Solving Nuggets Everyone Should Know. How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: 7 steps (with pictures) Edit Article. How to Think 'Outside of the Box' How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying. I’ve never been that keen on studying before an exam. I rarely study for more than a half hour, even for big final exams worth more than half my grade. When I do study, I usually just skim over the material and do a few practice questions. For some of my math classes I have yet to do a single practice question for homework. Six Thinking Hats - Decision-Making Skills Training from MindTools. Looking at a Decision From All Points of View. Seeing Your World in TechniColor.