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Workspace. Android – Teléfonos Android. Firebase. TreeWiFi.


Notas. Groupnote. FlipCreator Online Manual for Readers - Download Offline Version. 5 páginas web con plantillas PowerPoint gratuitas para crear presentaciones. GIF Maker - Video to GIF Creator Tools. GIF MAKERCreate animated GIFs from video files and YouTube links.

GIF Maker - Video to GIF Creator Tools

Have you ever watched a video online and thought, "Man, this cute cat video would be SO much better in GIFs! " Well, GOOD NEWS! Google beats Oracle—Android makes “fair use” of Java APIs. SAN FRANCISCO—Following a two-week trial, a federal jury concluded Thursday that Google's Android operating system does not infringe Oracle-owned copyrights because its re-implementation of 37 Java APIs is protected by "fair use.

Google beats Oracle—Android makes “fair use” of Java APIs

" The verdict was reached after three days of deliberations. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, listen to your verdict as it will stand recorded," said the court clerk, before polling each of the ten men and women on the jury. There was only one question on the special verdict form, asking if Google's use of the Java APIs was a "fair use" under copyright law. The jury unanimously answered "yes," in Google's favor. The verdict ends the trial, which began earlier this month. "I salute you for your extreme hard work in this case," said US District Judge William Alsup, who has overseen the litigation since 2010. Consejo Universitario by Mónica Arzate on Prezi.

Frolicsome Engines: The Long Prehistory of Artificial Intelligence. Defecating ducks, talking busts, and mechanised Christs — Jessica Riskin on the wonderful history of automata, machines built to mimic the processes of intelligent life.

Frolicsome Engines: The Long Prehistory of Artificial Intelligence

How old are the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence? Many might trace their origins to the mid-twentieth century, and the work of people such as Alan Turing, who wrote about the possibility of machine intelligence in the ‘40s and ‘50s, or the MIT engineer Norbert Wiener, a founder of cybernetics. But these fields have prehistories — traditions of machines that imitate living and intelligent processes — stretching back centuries and, depending how you count, even millennia. Inés Dussel: "No es cierto el concepto de nativos digitales". Los ordenadores han colonizado ya la mayoría de nuestras aulas.

Inés Dussel: "No es cierto el concepto de nativos digitales"

¿Esto las convierte en mejores espacios de aprendizaje? No las hace mejores por sí mismas, aunque creo que es importante que las aulas incluyan la cultura digital porque son parte de nuestra vida. De una u otra manera, física o simbólicamente, deben estar incluidas. Home of Cyanide and Happiness. Forja de CENATIC: INTEF eXe: Project Filelist. Project Filelist Below is a list of all files of the project.

Forja de CENATIC: INTEF eXe: Project Filelist

The release you have chosen is highlighted. Before downloading, you may want to read Release Notes and ChangeLog (accessible by clicking on release version). INTEFeXe Debian/Ubuntu Download latest release as zip: Forja de CENATIC: INTEF eXe: Project Home. Las TIC y su utilización en la educación : 14 Editores de vídeos animados en línea. helper all-in-1 / youtube downloader. Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. Se connecter à Facebook. Anime + Filosofía: 7 animes que te harán pensar un poco. 25 blogs para la asignatura de Ciencias Naturales.


Redes. WeChat for PC Download – Windows, Computer, Android, iPhone - Myfreecoursesonline. Millions of people use WeChat to communicate on the smartphones everyday.

WeChat for PC Download – Windows, Computer, Android, iPhone - Myfreecoursesonline

It is an app that allows users to send text messages, photos and videos to their friends. The option to chat in groups is also available. WeChat has become so popular that the chances that you find an old friend on it is quite high. The current number of WeChat users is 310 million and the app is still gaining in popularity. Classroom Management Tips - Collection - US Teacher Lessons. Cómo detectar el software espía empleado por gobiernos en tu computadora. Zimbra Web Client Log In. About Us. What is VUE?

About Us

At its core, the Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is a concept and content mapping application, developed to support teaching, learning and research and for anyone who needs to organize, contextualize, and access digital information. Using a simple set of tools and a basic visual grammar consisting of nodes and links, faculty and students can map relationships between concepts, ideas and digital content. Handy Tools for Streamlining Your Job Search. Job hunting can be so time-consuming, it’s practically a full-time job unto itself.

Handy Tools for Streamlining Your Job Search

Publish more content to your website. "Content curation centralizes your blog or website as a hub for only the highest-quality information, which establishes your brand as an authority within your market.

Publish more content to your website

Curated content is a magnet for inbound links, and studies have shown that the more inbound links you have from quality sources, the higher your search visibility you get. " Jayson DeMers - Founder & CEO, AudienceBloom & Writer for Forbes, and more. For your blog to help your SEO and generate traffic and leads, you need to: "Content curation is a great shortcut to quality, which indirectly increases the likelihood of sharing and ranking. Educational Institutions. Paper & Pencil by FiftyThree.

Flipped Classroom - Unlimited Personalized Lessons from Knewton. Flipped Classroom - Unlimited Personalized Lessons from Knewton. Aula invertida. El aula invertida (en inglés: flipped classroom ) es una modalidad de blended learning (aprendizaje semipresencial o mixto).

Aula invertida

Bases de datos - Taringa! Definición Se presentan siete definiciones del término base de datos que proceden de distintas fuentes y autores: a. Una base de datos consiste en una colección de datos interrelacionados y un conjunto de programas para acceder a dichos datos. La colección de datos, denominada base de datos, contiene información relevante (Silberschatz, Korth y Sudarshan, 2002:22). b. Herramientas para identificar plagios. List of social bookmarking websites. Buscadores. Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free. Create paintings from photos. Did you ever wanted to be a great artist? But unfortunately you are really bad at it? Well that's ok because now with Psykopaint you can be a great artist with no skills. Open Yale Courses.

10 Power Tools for Lifelong Learners. Life hacks. GoodReads. Search Files from Internet, Educational & Library Resources and more with Philosophy of Information - University Press Scholarship. This book brings together the outcome of ten years of research. It is based on a simple project, which was begun towards the end of the 1990s: information is a crucial concept, which deserves a thorough philosophical investigation.

So the book lays down the conceptual foundations of a new area of research: the philosophy of information. It does so systematically, by pursuing three goals. The first is metatheoretical. The book describes what the philosophy of information is, its problems, and its method of levels of abstraction. Zanran Numerical Data Search. 60 Free Tools for Modern Storytellers. Citilab. Manage, Move, Copy, and Migrate Files Between Cloud Storage Services with Mul... Autopub. Content Curation Guide by Robin Good on Gibbon. Visual Understanding Environment.

Software de Mind Mapping - Crear Mind Maps en línea. Mapas Mentales - GoConqr en Español. Mapas Mentales & Aprendizaje Con el objetivo de tener el proceso de estudio más productivo y completo posible, debes rodearte de las herramientas educativas online con mejores prestaciones de la red. Una de las más útiles, sin duda alguna, son los mapas mentales, con los que puedes crear con facilidad esquemas de gran atractivo visual que activarán tu imaginación. Con este recurso obtendrás los siguientes beneficios en el estudio: Conectar los diferentes conceptos del temario y áreas del estudioOrganizar tus proyectos o lecciones de estudio de las diferentes asignaturasPoner en contexto el material que debes estudiar Cuando hayas acabado de crear tu mapa mental, podrás empezar a realizar conexiones entre los diferentes conceptos que debes aprender y podrás ser más productivo a la hora de asimilar ciertas lecciones.

Crear diagramas online Colaboración en tiempo real. Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers. It is possible to build daily habits that guarantee to give you higher ranking and greater marketing success. Read the full article at: In his article, Neil Patel lists 5 daily habits you can (and should) start doing if you want your rankings to go up and get more results out of your content marketing efforts: 1.

Write and publish one article – 1 hour per day for 1 to 2 articles per week. 2. 3. 4. 5. El Blog de la Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes. Content Marketing and Curation for Small Business. ‘Reading lists, outfits, even salads are curated – it’s absurd’ Contemporary curating has become an absurdity. Outfits are curated. Salads are curated. Twitter feeds are curated. Bennington College in Vermont invites prospective students to curate their applications. ILCE - Inicio. ChronoZoom. Dipity - Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines. I migliori siti web per creare timeline. Pearltrees introduces meaning.