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Direct action, marches, protests. The role of people on the streets can never be replaced and its importance cannot be underestimated.

Resistance to Mining

Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda. End corruption. Defend the Republic. A Resolution. Deprogram: Episode 28 - UNICORN RIOT. Ep. 28: #Mizzou #ConcernedStudent1950 #BlackOnCampus #ClimateChange #KeystoneXL #Enbridge #Hackers #CWA #Anonymous #Securus #PrisonMonitoring #MMM2015 #CopsLie #BlackLivesMatter #Turkey #Silvan #SilvanUnderAttack #Palestine #Justice4KeithLamar #ConcernedStudent1950 For episode 28 of Deprogram we start at the University of Missouri, where a hunger strike to combat the systemic racial injustices on campus forced Mizzou president to step down.

Deprogram: Episode 28 - UNICORN RIOT

#ClimateChange We then bring you some climate news; the KeystoneXL pipeline was rejected but Enbridge have pipelines that have been built that move just as much oil, while Earth’s temperature continues to rise. Cyber News In cyber news; Crackas With Attitude hack more government employees and Anonymous continues #OpMonsanto and hacks the USDA. #CopsLie International News The Turkish government has been continuing its attack on the Kurdish population and Israel continues to eradicate the freedoms of Palestinians in occupied territories. Shutting Down the Rainbow Nation: #FeesMustFall. Mapping of struggles and alternatives for Water as a Commons : Alternative World Water Forum. Here is a mapping of struggles and alternatives for Water as a Commons around the world.

Mapping of struggles and alternatives for Water as a Commons : Alternative World Water Forum

As a synthesis tool, sharing experience, animated local or global networks, mapping provides a view of all the territorial struggles and alternatives in different areas related to water and sanitation, based on actions from groups in the field and associations. It helps identify the geographical proximity, specialist issues, communities, etc.. which could be used to contact the group concerned, propose exchanges of experience or knowledge and convergence of actions. It could also strengthen networks to later form more sustainable forms of joint organization that are bring built around the world. Access the forms online For a group to appear on the map, the form has to be filled out : Form to be completed (in english) The group will not immediately appear on the map: Manual validation and harmonization is necessary.

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Occupy. Mexico. CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective : Home. Uniting For Democracy & Human Dignity. Peaceful protest is much more effective than violence for toppling dictators. Political scientist Erica Chenoweth used to believe, as many do, that violence is the most reliable way to get rid of a dictator.

Peaceful protest is much more effective than violence for toppling dictators

History is filled, after all, with coups, rebellions and civil wars. She didn't take public protests or other forms of peaceful resistance very seriously; how could they possible upend a powerful, authoritarian regime? Then, as Chenoweth recounts in a Ted Talk posted online Monday, she put together some data and was surprised by what she found. "I collected data on all major nonviolent and violent campaigns for the overthrow of a government or a territorial liberation since 1900," she says -- hundreds of cases. "The data blew me away. " Here's her chart, which pretty clearly suggests that nonviolent movements are much likelier to work: (Erica Chenoweth/YouTube) And that trend is actually "increasing over time," Chenoweth adds.

"Researchers used to say that no government could survive if just 5 percent of the population rose up against it," Chenoweth says. The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie. P.A.N.D.A. People Against The NDAA. From Dictatorship to Democracy. Revolution: An Instruction Manual. The Moral Imperative Of Activism. Today’s crises – endless war, environmental catastrophe, desperate poverty and more – can seem so daunting that they paralyze action rather than inspire activism.

The Moral Imperative Of Activism

But the imperative to do something in the face of injustice defines one’s moral place in the universe, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains. That America is in deep moral and legal trouble was pretty much obvious to everyone before Edward Snowden released official documents showing the extent to which the U.S. government has been playing fast and loose with the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Snowden’s revelations – as explosive as they are – were, in one sense, merely the latest challenge to those of us who took a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. That has been a commitment tested repeatedly in recent years, especially since the 9/11 attacks. St. This is our summer of discontent. PopularResistance.Org. ROAR Magazine. The Official Idle No More Website - Idle No More. 4 Principles For Creating Change, And 4 Barriers That Make It Harder. Many people now are struggling to make change; to drive social or environmental impact whether they are social entrepreneurs or people working from within organizations to make a difference.

4 Principles For Creating Change, And 4 Barriers That Make It Harder

In this piece, we wanted to focus on thinking about how communities of change makers can thrive. It’s not enough for change making to be the sole remit of a handful of do-gooders or NGOs.