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Open Source Ecology. G-Towers. The G-Towers are an open source vertical growing system designed by Larry Athey, and built at the OSE Aquaponic Greenhouse workshops of 2015 and 2016.


They are similar to the V-Towers growing system. See playlist from Larry Athey - [1] edit Here are some videos and pictures from the Aquaponic Greenhouse Workshop of 2016: See From Larry - The G-Tower is just as food safe as any other plastic flower pot on the market. Hibco Plastics - - Reticulated Urethane foam, artificial soil medium, open pore filter type material, 20-25 Pores Per Inch (PPI), very course. Keith Pavlansky, Larry Athey suggests 2"x3-1/2"x3' pieces, cost of $1/board-foot, or $1.75 per piece, minimum order quantity (MOQ) of $300.

Science. List of tool-lending libraries. Tools available for borrowing at Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, Vermont The following tool libraries allow patrons to borrow tools, equipment and "how-to" instructional materials, functioning either as a rental shop, with a charge for borrowing the tools, or more commonly free of charge as a form of community sharing.

List of tool-lending libraries

The Tool library performs the following main tasks: Tool Lending: all kinds for use in volunteer projects, facility maintenance and improvement projects, community improvement events, and special events.Tool Advocacy: for the complete and timely return of all borrowed tools, to guarantee the long-term sustainability of available inventory. Staff also seeks compensation for lost tools and tools returned late.Tool Maintenance: performing routine maintenance and repairs on all equipment to ensure good condition and to extend the lifespan of the inventory. This function is typically performed by volunteers and community service workers.

Makerspace[edit] History[edit] Project Ara. Open Source Ecology. How I Published My Scholarly Book With an Open Access CC-BY License. [Open Access Week in 2014 is October 20-26.]

How I Published My Scholarly Book With an Open Access CC-BY License

Have you noticed that scholarly books are getting more and more expensive? It’s not just the journals that are exorbitantly priced. Yesterday I didn’t buy a really interesting anthology in my field because it cost over $100. More and more of the monographs I’m interested in cost £50 or £60 or even £80. You can download Seeing Ourselves Through Technology for free. I decided a while ago that I didn’t want to publish any more books that were closed access. So when I saw that Palgrave, which is known for publishing quality scholarship, had set up a system for open access books, I was interested. I’m fortunate enough to work at the University of Bergen, which established an open access publishing fund last year specifically to pay for fees like this. Introduction - Material Design - Google design guidelines. Google releases set of beautiful, freely usable icons. They're licensed CC-BY-SA and designed for use in mobile apps and other interactive stuff -- there's 750 in all!

Google releases set of beautiful, freely usable icons

It's part of Google's Material Design project. Material Design Icons (via Kottke) FLOK Society (ES) Open Access Publishing.

Open Source GIS

Biological Open Source. ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone by Planetary Resources. From all of us on the ARKYD Team – A Heartfelt Thank You!

ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone by Planetary Resources

The ARKYD journey continues and we’re delighted to have you on board as we invent the future. 06-30-2013 — Stretch Goal #3 Reached: We will now team with Zooniverse to develop a platform that will allow YOU to find asteroids at home, and help train computers to better find them in the future! 06-30-2013 — Stretch Goal #2 Reached: Every selfie pledge or higher will now receive an exclusive digital Beta-Selfie, taken in 2014 during the crucial integration phase of spacecraft build! 06-30-2013 — Sir Richard Branson pledges $100,000 for ARKYD to support STEM education and space accessibility. With Richard's support, we have lowered all remaining stretch goals by $100k. 06-29-2013 — Stretch Goal #1 Reached: A second ground station will now be built, allowing us to deliver your images twice as fast!

Since the formation of Planetary Resources, our primary goal has been to build technology enabling us to prospect and mine asteroids. Open-source hardware. Open source hardware consists of physical artifacts of technology designed and offered by the open design movement.

Open-source hardware

Both free and open source software (FOSS) as well as open source hardware is created by this open source culture movement and applies a like concept to a variety of components. The term usually means that information about the hardware is easily discerned. Hardware design (i.e. mechanical drawings, schematics, bills of material, PCB layout data, HDL source code and integrated circuit layout data), in addition to the software that drives the hardware, are all released with the FOSS approach. Since the rise of reconfigurable programmable logic devices, sharing of logic designs has been a form of open source hardware.

Instead of the schematics, hardware description language (HDL) code is shared. Licenses[edit] Open Hardware. Thanks to Andrea Grover , I got these highly relevant questions about Open Hardware for the Environment from Hiroyuki Hamada . With his permission, I am transferring these questions here on my blog, to perhaps integrate the FAQ of Protei new website. I think we have been too small to be seen as a threat to anyone for now, but we hope that as we grow, this will not happen. We really want to serve government, industry, academia and residents (environmental activists) as a neutral technology platform for science and environmental remediation. Our technology is very new, in comparison flying drones have attracted much more serious and deserved criticism , it is a matter of time I guess. Any technology can be used for malicious ends, we need to work on best practice and I personally will not support military applications of our technology.

Our business model is based on an Ethical Order of Priority that puts the environment first. Code : GNU General Public License GPL 3.0. Cesar Harada: A novel idea for cleaning up oil spills.