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Hollow Tree's Resort

Located in front of one of the finest right-handed waves in the world, Hollow Tree's Resort is a lot more than just a Mentawai Surf Resort. You can experience 10 world-class waves within a short boat or bike ride from our resort, that means there's a surf for all levels.

The Mentawai Surf Guide. Are you planning a surf trip to Mentawai?

The Mentawai Surf Guide

Are you looking for some advice on do’s and don’ts? Or searching for the safety information you must know? Don’t worry! If you are planning your trip to the Mentawais, you must keep some expert tips and ideas handy with you. Here is the complete Mentawai surf guide which includes the basic things a surfer should keep in mind while traveling here. Before we move ahead, here is a little information about the island: The Mentawai Islands are a chain of around seventy islands and islets, located roughly 150 kilometers off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Best Time to Visit – The islands attract travelers, mainly Surfers all year round but the most visited season is between March and November.

Mentawai Resorts

How To Surf Without Getting Tired. Surfing is one of the best water sports that may require some time and practice before you can master it.

How To Surf Without Getting Tired

It can prove to be a thrilling yet tiresome experience, particularly when you are a beginner. It is exhausting, not just physically but mentally too. Surfing is no less than intense exercise. It activates all your dormant muscles which we rarely use in our daily routine, and you are more likely to feel the heat in your first few sessions. How To Stay Prepared For Night Surfing? When it comes to night surfing, preparation is key.

How To Stay Prepared For Night Surfing?

It is not possible to make your surfing session successful without preparedness, and prior knowledge of the area. Perhaps you are someone who loves surfing and are fascinated by how the waves look during the night, so you also want to enjoy the experience yourself. Mentawai Resorts. Surfing: A Male-Dominated Sport? When we think of surfers, we think of men with laid back attitudes and chiseled abs, but rarely women.

Surfing: A Male-Dominated Sport?

Surfing has long been a sport that was mainly male-dominated. But is it still a male-dominated sport, or have things changed? Struggles Female Surfers Face Despite the fact that the overwhelming number of surfers that we see today are men, women are holding up.

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Surf Resort. Top 5 Surf Photography Tips. Night surfing 101. How Has Surfing Changed Over The Years - A Brief History. When we talk about surfing, we talk about technique, experience, boldness, and innovative maneuvers.

How Has Surfing Changed Over The Years - A Brief History

Ask any surfer what they get by indulging into this sport, and their answer would be sheer Joy and Happiness because that’s what matters the most. It is estimated that there are over 20 million participants worldwide. Surfing has become one of the most thrilling sports in the world, and there are various surfing competitions as well.

But has it always been the same? To find the answers and to help you understand its history, we will have to look back at how surfing culture has grown and changed over the last few decades. How did Surfing begin? Upcoming Surfing Competitions Around The World - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort. Surfing is a sport that is loved by millions and done across the year in warmer areas.

Upcoming Surfing Competitions Around The World - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort

There are plenty of professional surfing competitions and events that are held all year long in different parts of the world. For the one who is passionate and feels the call to surf, the ocean is open to them. Here are the top six surfing competitions to eye on: Jaws Championship, Big Wave World Tour, January 1 through March 31, 2021 This event held in Pe’ahi, Maui, Hawaii, is a spectacular show for anyone watching.

Volcom Pipe Pro Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii January 29, 2021 through February 10th, 2021 This event is broadcast live and pits some of the best men in the business against one another. Bells Beach Pro, Victoria, Australia, April 1, 2021 to 11th Full of mystique sites, Bells beach is an open place like the ocean has opened a lot of swell for the competition. Water Sports to Try on Your Surf Trip - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort. If you are planning a surf trip sometime soon or you have already made arrangements and bookings, then don’t just limit yourself to surfing.

Water Sports to Try on Your Surf Trip - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort

You can try some of the water sports on your surf trip to make it more fun and thrilling. We all know the importance of vacations and the memories associated with it in particular. Why not make the memories even more beautiful by adding a few water sports and activities on your list?

Mentawai Islands Surf

Top Surfing Destinations to Visit Once the Travel Restrictions are Over - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort. Are you the one who is eagerly waiting for the travel restrictions to be lifted?

Top Surfing Destinations to Visit Once the Travel Restrictions are Over - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort

Well, you are not alone. Everyone wants to move out of their homes and plan their travel once again. For surf enthusiasts, it’s both traveling and fulfilling their urge to surf. To celebrate the unlocking, you must be looking for popular surfing destinations to visit once the travel restrictions are lifted, of course, with due precautions and safety measures. Surfing is one of the most glorious water sports in the world and should be complemented by the best locations. Hossegor, France Hossegor is one of the best-surfing destinations.

Mentawai Islands Surf

Is It Safe to Surf Now? - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort. Since January 2020, the world has been stuck in a holding pattern, stalling life in every aspect due to COVID-19 and its potential to spread infection.

Is It Safe to Surf Now? - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort

It’s damn serious, as we’ve all seen and heard about multiple cases in every country and city around the world. However, some habits from frequent hand-washing to mask-wearing will do a tremendous amount of prevention. We can still go farther into safety with people making it a point to avoid casual contact. Some concern is in the minds of surf enthusiasts as well about getting back into the water. Mentawai Surf. The Anatomy of a Surf Wave - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort. The tricks performed by the surfers amaze us.

The Anatomy of a Surf Wave - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort

But little do we know that below the surface lies a raft of science, which is as impressive as the art itself. Be it professionals or just hobbyists, surfing as a sport is enjoyed by people from almost all walks of life, across the planet. You just need an ocean, a board, waves, and a lot of enthusiasm. Let’s start and understand the Anatomy of a Surf Wave Waves are formed in many ways, but mostly they are created by the wind blowing over the surface. 1.

Waves travel through deep water without obstacles and then head to the shore with a massive force. 2.

Mentawai Surf Trip

Conquering Boredom While Stuck at Home. Now more than ever many people are learning more about their home than they ever wanted to. And that monotony and sameness week in and week out can lead to boredom pretty quick. When that kicks in, the days begin to drag out painfully. Boredom tends to be a result of not having the motivation and having too much we don’t want to be involved in. It is also a classic sign of needing a change of pace and environment immediately. Unfortunately, just running down to the local café for a quick chat over coffee may be out of the question right now.

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness… Image Credits: @tate_toledo The exercise of yoga is not about grunting the hardest or reaching exhaustion. Gardening Get your hands dirty. Consider Writing Postcards.

Surf Mentawai

Is Surfing Difficult to Learn? Tips to Prepare for a Surf Trip. Thinking of getting away on a surf trip? But first, you gotta prep up your body for all those fun days of surfing. Because all you do is eat, surf, sleep, and repeat! Yes, that’s life. Surf Prep 1: Build your Cardiovascular Strength If you workout already, try incorporating more cardio into your routine. Mentawai Surf. How to Read a Wave: Tips for a Beginner - HT's Mentawai Surf Resort. There’s no such secret way of learning how to read a wave. Assessing, and anticipating a wave is the hardest aspect of surfing. It takes lots of experience, practice, and many failed attempts. Anyone who is a pro surfer now, was once a beginner. Basically, reading a wave in the ever-changing and unpredictable water is almost like predicting the future.

Top 10 Gifts for your Surfer Partner (V Day Special) It’s very mainstream to give those lovey-dovey presents to your partner on every Valentine’s Day. Here’s a list of things that you can use as gifts for your surfer partner. You can even gift these to your partner who is planning to start surfing. Watch: A simple surf watch is never out of date. Buy him a watch in his favourite colour that can withstand the most extreme outdoor pursuits.

Mentawai Surf Resort

Types of Surf breaks and The Kinds You Get In The Mentawai Islands. If you are thinking of taking your long-awaited vacation in the Mentawai Islands, then wait no further and start preparing for the adventure-filled experience. And don’t worry! We will answer some of your frequently asked questions about the Mentawai Islands in this article here. But, before that, let’s know a little bit about this beautiful surfing destination. Mentawai Resort. Mentawai Islands Surf.