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Selecting a Good Pigeon. Selecting a Pigeon for Distance Racing And the breeding box Before I start have a look at the three birds above, each has been a Champion in both racing and breeding.

Selecting a Good Pigeon

One thing that is noticeable with the three birds is the stance, on a gradual slope upright position with the tail touching the ground, all the birds have the centre of the eye above the line of the beak, the blue bar hen is Strinesdale Queen, she is the dam of 19 birds to fly over 530 miles and G/dam of over 100 Channel pigeon, the second hen was never beaten in a race, although she only had four races she was well ahead in all, she bred numerous birds to fly over 400 miles including the cock below 1st at 1000 miles, The third pigeon as a baby flew both 730 miles and 1000 miles in the one year and then went on to breed a winners for me and others including 2x1st Federation in NSW.

Cock or hen, how to determine it. "one tail feather" and other question - Pigeon-Talk. Rehoming young birds - Pigeon-Talk. You will need a nice flight cage,so that the birds can go out side,but not fly around..You want them to see all around at their new home...Put nice clean bath water out for them,and they will enjoy themselves....After 2/3 weeks,on a nice day,give them no food,but put the bath pan out,so they can get all wet,and they will not be able to fly,because they are all wet...Then you remove the flight cage,or open the flight cage door,and let mother nature take over....Hopefully,they will like their new home,and stick around and take the sun...After 30 minutes or so,they will be dry,and can fly...Do not scare them,and make sure no children/dogs/cats are running around close to them...

rehoming young birds - Pigeon-Talk

Common Drugs and Dosage Used in Treating Pigeons - Pigeon-Talk. Common Drugs and Dosage Used in Treating Pigeons This information is presented as reference material on treatments.

Common Drugs and Dosage Used in Treating Pigeons - Pigeon-Talk

Always consult a trained medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment instructions. Diagnosis Establishment of a proper diagnosis before treatment begins is extremely important. Dosage Range Many of the drugs give you a dosage range. 1. 2. Dosage Intervals It is important to give the drug for the proper length of time. Measure Conversion Measurements and Equivalents 1 gram 1000 milligrams (mg) 1 cubic centimeter (cc) 1 milliliter (mL) 5 cc 1 teaspoon 15 cc 1 tablespoon 30 cc 1 ounce 1000 cc 1 litre 8 oz 1 cup 2 cups 1 pint 2 pints 1 quart 4 quarts 1 gallon Examples of Methods to Convert Drug Dosages into Teaspoons To treat a respiratory problem in your birds, you buy a package of antibiotic powder. The label on this package of antibiotic says that each gram contains 500 mg of antibiotic. Sexing Racing Pigeons. Sexing Racing Pigeons Let me get this out of the way here first I am not an writer by trade, this will be a listing of statements, facts and observations on the many ways of telling the gender of homing pigeons.

Sexing Racing Pigeons

This is by no means the complete listing of gender facts as there are I am sure many displays by both the cock and hen that are not understood by us ground bound featherless creatures. Many of the items listed here are taken from various books and some I have learned by observing my birds and some things I got from talking to old timers about the habits of homers. The first part of this article is devoted to the gender displays while the second half is devoted to the actual act of mating. Common Pigeon disease & treatments. Dr Colin Walker established the Australian Pigeon Company in 1994, to develop, manufacture and distribute a range of veterinary medicines and health supplements for pigeons.

Common Pigeon disease & treatments

Dr Walker's veterinary expertise, together with his knowledge of the requirements of pigeon racers, gathered through experience of his own race team, place him in the unique situation to develop such products. The result is a range of quality products made for the pigeon racer and based on sound veterinary knowledge. A summary list of the most popular and widely used products follows, together with information on the common diseases and the best way to use these medications in their control. The most common health problems encountered in pigeons are canker, respiratory infection, Coccidia, worms and external parasites. The medications that are used to control these are: 1. 2. Mangile's Pigeon Pages - Home Page. Intro Screen...Barnhart & Son Lofts. Ron Huntley's Rare Colored Homing Pigeons. About Biology with Regina Bailey is a learning web site.

Ron Huntley's Rare Colored Homing Pigeons

"" Click on this link and learn the “Basics in Genetic” from a non pigeon prospective. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Willard. F. Hollander always tried to make his pigeon genetics material as inexpensive and as available as possible. During his life, Dr. The Pigeon Genetics News Letter Forward by Richard Cryberg followed by the Index of Issues The Pigeon Genetics News Letter Issues 1 thru 10 by Dr.

Pigeon Links, National Organizations, Publications and other related pigeon information. Pigeons and pigeon genetics. For pigeon breeders and those who love pigeons.

Pigeons and pigeon genetics

Pigeon Genetics: Spread. While Spread is an extremely common mutation among domestic pigeons, it’s almost unknown under its genetic designation.

Pigeon Genetics: Spread

Instead, pigeon fanciers call the effects this mutation produces self brown, black or “barless” mealy. (Some show pigeon fanciers call Ash-red Spread-- Strawberry -- especially if sooty is also included in the phenotype) Yet, no matter the fancier's name for it, each of these colors is merely an example of Spread on a different base pigment, brown, blue and Ash-red. Almost sixty years ago, W.F. Hollander noted that the pigment which provides the coloring matter in our birds’ plumage, came in two different arrangements. Güvercin ırkları. Güvercin Hastalıkları ve Tedavi Yöntemleri. Canker - PIGEON and DOVE RESCUE. Metronidazole Oral Suspension (200mg/5ml) - obtained by veterinary prescription and given in a high dose of up to 0.25 mls per 100 grams bodyweight once a day for up to 14 days.


Metronidazole tablets Dose 20-50 mgs per kilo bodyweight twice a day OR or 40-100mgs per kilo bodyweight once daily for 14 days. (This information obtained from comes from various formularies) In very rare cases, liver damage can be caused by prolonged use over 14 days - but it is very rare and one must balance the risks. Trichomoniasis. Güvercinlerin Üretim Dönemi Bakımı. Güvercin Hastalıkları - eczfatih - Güvercin Irkları - eczfatih - Güvercin Irkları - eczfatih -