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Tools. Education. Business. Browse Blogs by Tag. Tags > crowdsourcing Four short links: 3 April 2014 By Nat Torkington April 3, 2014 dat — github-like tool for data, still v. early.

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It’s overdue. (via Nelson Minar) Novena Open Laptop — Bunnie Huang’s laptop goes on sale. One of us is smarter than all of us. « My First ETech Comments | Main | Interaction vs. one-way communication » One of us is smarter than all of us You've heard the saying "none of us is as smart as all of us", and you've felt the pressure.

One of us is smarter than all of us

A group of individuals working together as a team can do better work, reach better decisions, etc. Crowdsourcing: Community vs Crowd « Amy Sample Ward’s Version of. I’m really excited and honored to be speaking today at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX, on a panel with Beth Kanter, Dave Neff, Holly Ross and Kari Saratovsky.

Crowdsourcing: Community vs Crowd « Amy Sample Ward’s Version of

We’ll be facilitating a conversation, more than doing a formal presentation, and will focus on the power of crowdsourcing (using our own case study from conducting the Social Media for Social Good case study competition) and the application of social media in nonprofit program delivery. If you’re here in Austin, do join us! If not, you can follow the conversation in real time on Twitter with the hashtag #crowdx. (We’ll put up more notes after the session, too!) Working Wikily.pdf (application/pdf Object) First directory of community crowdsourcing projects launches today. Crowdsourcing - Reference.

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Crowdsourcing - Reference

eNotes proudly features over 40,000 study guides on the most important books studied in classrooms across the globe. Each guide is specifically designed to meet the needs of high school and undergraduate college students and their teachers, as well as the interests of general readers. The purpose of an eNotes study guide is to accompany you through a literary work.