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Protectionism to Self-Determination

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History indigenous vote. 1. Protection to Self-Determination. Changing Policies Towards Aboriginal People. 22.

Changing Policies Towards Aboriginal People

The Initial Impact. Aboriginal people have occupied’ Australia for at least 40 000 years.[2] However, very little is known about the history of human occupation during this enormous length of time, even in outline, and practically nothing of the social, political and cultural changes that must have occurred.[3] Recorded Aboriginal history is a history of contact, with Macassan or Indonesian traders or fishermen,[4] with European, especially British, navigators and with British colonists and settlers.

At the time of the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, there was, of course, no single Aboriginal nation. 23. And Justice for All? 2. Day of Mourning, 1938. 3. The Rights of Indigenous People Around the World. 4. Stolen Generation Statistics. 5. Rights Now and 1967. Gains from the protest movement, Self determination, Changing rights and freedoms: Aboriginal people, History Year 9, NSW.