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25+ Best Free Tools To Customize Windows 7. Back in November last year, we listed over 55 free tweaking tools available for Windows 7.

25+ Best Free Tools To Customize Windows 7

Just like tweaking tools, there are tens of good utilities available to customize the default look and feel of Windows 7. In this article, we have covered the best free tools available to customize Windows 7. 1. Windows 7 Boot Updater: One of the advanced tools available for the latest version of Windows which makes the impossible possible. Read our how to change Windows 7 boot screen guide to learn to how to change the default boot screen animation in Windows 7. Please note that this utility is strictly for power users. 2. Beginners can go for Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker which is also another good logon screen changer.

Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free. How Secure Is My Password? The Hexagonal Desktop. How to Copy Music from Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to Your Computer for Free. Screensavers - Best Of - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Long, long time ago screensavers have been used to prevent the so-called screen-burn-effect — a permanent disfigurement of areas on a CRT display caused by non-moving text or graphics being displayed continuously for long periods of time.

Screensavers - Best Of - Smashing Magazine

To avoid this effect, screen savers have been used to blank the screen or fill it with moving images or patterns when the computer was not in use. Today, screensavers don’t serve their original purpose and are primarily used for entertainment. In fact, we don’t need screensavers any more, however we tend to use them as eye-candy for our coffee breaks. Particularly complex and colourful 3D-screensavers are extremely nice to look at. However, if you are tired of the default screensavers brought to you by your OS you might start searching for the fresh ones in the Web.

In fact, there are only few pearls – amazing screensavers you’d be really ready to pay for once you’ve tested them. Please notice: Pinguy OS. IOGraphica — MousePath's new home. List of Main Windows 7 Run Commands. Here are a list of the main Windows 7 run commands that you can execute on a Run dialog. To test them, press Windows + R keys, then execute one of these commands: or 1. slui - Windows Activation Wizard. 2. optionalfeatures - Turn on/off Windows features. 3. appwiz.cpl - Add/Remove Programs. 4. bdeadmin.cpl - BDE Administrator. 5. control /name microsoft.backupandrestorecenter - Windows Backup and Restore.

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