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I hate my long bangs. Simple Split Hair Ends Treatment with Home Remedies. Split ends can be a bane for many women. Those who experience know what it does to their hair. Hair that is naturally dry is more susceptible to split ends. Split ends happen when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibers. Split ends, which occur most often when the hair is dry, damaged or stressed, are a result of the wearing away of the protective outer layer of the hair, which causes the hair to unravel and split.

The ends mostly split due to dryness, over exposure in the sun, frequent use of intensive hair products like hair spray, hair gel or hair colours. We studied everything from coconut milk to mustard oil, and we developed a list of what we believe to be the most interesting home remedies. Honey basically nourishes the split ends. Beat one egg; add ½ cup milk and one table spoon honey to it. Massage healthy oils into the roots of your hair to repair and moisturize split ends and reduce friction. Take one full ripe banana, mash it well.


Updos. Buns. How-To: Instant Hairstyles- Do Yourself. 101 Hairstyle Tutorials. Girls, because we all have our sad/bad/mad hair moments when we *desperately* wish our hair were more this or less that (insert personal hair hell here), I wanted us to have a huge list of hairstyle resources that we could turn to for ideas and inspiration.

101 Hairstyle Tutorials

So here are 101 hairstyle tips and tutorials, each one easy to follow and well selected to help your hair go from 0-60 in the time it takes you to get ready for work. Without further ado, hair we go! 101 hairstyle tutorials and hair care tips How to Style Your Hair Like Gwen Stefani: Let’s start with some fun celebs. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to look like Gwen for day, being that she’s one of the hottest and most successful powerhouses in Hollywood! How to Style Your Hair Like Amy Winehouse: And on that note, all you even more daring ladies can take it to the next level and inspire your own inner Amys (the hair, not the lifestyle) with the beehive! How to Create Christina Aguilera’s Hairstyle: Do you wanna get dirrrty? Styling / Hair and Makeup Tips & Tricks. Maegan: * Partial French Braid & Cascading Hair Tutorial *also known as the "Waterfall Braid" Fashion+Home+Lifestyle.

I’m not the originator of this hair style but I’ve gotten so many requests for it, I thought I’d give it a go for you. Maegan: * Partial French Braid & Cascading Hair Tutorial *also known as the "Waterfall Braid" Fashion+Home+Lifestyle

I don’t know what it’s called either so I haven’t researched it and/or found any other tutorials for it …thus, this is my version of it, and I’ve dubbed it the Partial French Braid w/ Cascading Hair. The photos I’ve seen online show the braid a little more straight across the back of the head and mine sort of braids at an angle, similar to my side/low french braid up-do.

I’m sure this is 100% easier to do on someone else’s hair than your own but it goes pretty quickly once you get the hang of it …I mean, it’s my shortest hair video tutorial to date. That’s gotta mean something, right Enjoy. Note: Apologies in advance for the yelling of “NOOOO” towards the end, where I momentarily fear I’m going to lose my entire braid and have to start over. Have Fun! Find all my Hair Tutorials Here.

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