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Pirate Theme Page at EnchantedLearning. Blackbeard. Object moved. LO Parts of a Pirate Ship. We read it like this: The Night Pirates: Quiet as mice, stealthy as shadows. No time to read? Or download it here. The Night Pirates, by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright Egmont, London, 2005Click on the cover to listen to the way we read The Night Pirates A pirate story for boys and girls, The Night Pirates is a terrific night time adventure of a little boy called Tom, his cat and some pretty (as in rather) swashbuckling girl pirates, with great pace, lovely rhythm, and dreamy fantasy. The StoryThe Night Pirates is the story of Tom, a nice, brave little boy who goes off on an adventure. He is in bed when he hears "them" coming down his street and climbing up his house. The Illustrations The illustrations in The Night Pirates are set in a delightfully atmospheric glowing night-time light and are cleverly complemented with typography games integrated with the images to great effect.

Look at this "up, up, up, the dark, dark house they climbed. Meet Tom, a nice, brave (scared, excited) little boy, with his wild cat (check out the portrait of the cat on the wall): Pirate-Small-World-Play. Teaching Resource Detail - Sing Up - Let's get the whole place singing! Song Bank link Pirates! Words and music by Lin Marsh Subject links Primary Framework for Literacy: Y2 Narrative Unit 1 - Stories with familiar settings Music QCA Unit 15: Ongoing Skills Duration 45 mins – 1 hour Learning Objectives Children will develop descriptive vocabulary. Resources Pirates! Introduction Share the Learning objectives with the children at the start of the session. Main activity Use a large space for the drama session. Independent activity Revisit the song to connect the drama to a storyline. Differentiation Support Organise children in pairs of mixed ability.

Extension Sing this additional pirate song to the familiar tune of ‘What shall we do with a drunken sailor’. Plenary Showcase the children’s written work by inviting them to read their work to the others and add any unusual words to the pirate word wall. Differentiated success criteria All children will: Some children will: A few children will: The_Night_Pirates_Learning_Resource_Final. Pirate week activities and planning. Doorhanger4.doc. Pirate_day.doc. Pirate resources - Resource Topics. Full annual digital subscription to TES magazine – read it on your mobile or tablet A comprehensive collection of teaching guides and resources Save time with access to unique planning tools Close. International Talk Like A Pirate Day - Teacher Resources. This whole thing started as a grownup lark, but that hasn't stopped teachers all over the place from using Talk Like A Pirate Day as an excuse to get in a little actual pirate history.

Here are some resources for teachers who'd like to introduce their students to pirattitude. New for 2012: Special Education classes, especially classes for kids who cannot speak, can use the free version of Fat Cat Pirate Chat to talk like a pirate and speak silly piratical phrases. The free version comes with 60 phrases. Still prime: A bunch of New Zealand teachers with pirattitude have launched a PirateWiki where teachers can share their pirate-themed lesson plans, activities, links and more! Lesson plans from actual teachers in actual schools From Kimberly Roos, St.

I would be so happy to share the lesson I planned for the big day. Three flags from the Eyewitness book were xeroxed so I had ten copies of each. On a table I placed three party-favor pirate chests from the local Party City store. Before: Long Term Plan. CLJ%20wheel%20St%20Martins%203-4%20A3. Teachers_Notes_-_whole_project_-_2010. Pirate Ship and Other Pirate Displays » Classroom Displays.

Pirate boat literacy display Captain Capacity Pirate Role Play Area Update -More Pirate Resources 61Twinkl have some lovely pirate resources (free to download or order them printed and delivered for a small fee), including some lovely banners to print, a treasure map design activity and role play masks. Well worth looking at – find them here : Pirate Resources on Twinkl Even more Pirate goodies on Teaching Ideas – Pirates See Also: Pirate Pop-Ups – moving toys in Year 3 Like this: Like Loading... Jersey Heritage - Key Stage 1 Pirates. Although the heyday of historical piracy was the late 17th and early 18ty centuries, pirates plied their trade both before and afterwards. In fact piracy is still a problem today especially in the Indian Ocean. The Jolly Roger, walking the plank , treasure maps - the image of the pirate we have today is coloured by fiction. Today, even the three most famous pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain James Hook, and Long John Silver are all three are made up - they are characters from a book or a film.

But there really were Pirates of the Caribbean such as Captain Morgan and Captain Kidd and others with more fancy names like Blackbeard or Calico Jack. There were even women pirates like Mary Read and Anne Bonny. As well as the Caribbean, pirates also sailed off the coast of both North and South America, West Africa and in the Indian Ocean. People tend to use the word rather loosely today but a pirate, was by definition, someone who robs and plunders on the sea. Downloads Sample Lesson Plan. Pirates galore! Pirate Ship. Before you begin, the children should be taught the commands which the activity involves (see below).

Children start by forming a line (one behind the other) directly in front of the teacher. The teacher then shouts a command and the children have to perform the activity associated with that command. Robin Bearden has suggested that: "If playing as a game, those children that get out have to march around the outside of the rest of the group singing 'Oh we oh, A pirate's life for me.'" Mary Ross has also commented that: "Great fun can also be had playing this in the swimming baths - you can't scrub the deck without getting your face in the water, and you can get from one end to the other faster if you swim, although man overboard and Sharks have to be omitted. " Thanks to numerous contributions from visitors, many of the commands have more than one possible action.

A comment from Rod Hogg: "Just to add to the excellent 'Pirate Ship' in the PE section. Object moved. Pirates.