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Home - CS Animated Welcome to CS Animated! This site features narrated animations giving complete explanations of a variety of computer science topics, such as red-black trees, big O notation, quicksort, and B-trees. Why struggle with wordy descriptions of algorithms when you can see them in action? Whether you want to learn something new or you just need a quick refresher, this site is for you. Home - CS Animated
Thinking in C CDROM | Why do you put your books on the web? | Comments from Readers | The Cover Story | Electronic Translations | Strategy | The Electronic Book | HTML Format | Making a Contribution to the Book | Downloading problems | Unzipping | Mirror Sites | Download the book | Download the source code | Win32 Compilers | Chapter 3 is a fairly intense coverage of the C that's used in C++, but if you're just getting started with all this it may be a little too intense. To remedy this, the printed book contains a CD ROM training course that gently introduces you to the C syntax that you need to understand in order to take on C++ or Java. The CD is called Thinking in C: Foundations for Java & C++. Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | 6.189 Multicore Programming Primer, January IAP 2007
OpenGL Video Tutorial - Home OpenGL Video Tutorial - Home Know some C++? Want to learn how to program in 3D? You've come to the right place! Designed to be understandable to beginners, but advanced enough for experienced developers, the free video tutorials here will get you started making 3D programs using OpenGL and GLUT in no time.
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HOWTO Avoid Being Called a Bozo When Producing XML HOWTO Avoid Being Called a Bozo When Producing XML “There’s just no nice way to say this: Anyone who can’t make a syndication feed that’s well-formed XML is an incompetent fool.——Maybe this is unkind and elitist of me, but I think that anyone who either can’t or won’t implement these measures is, as noted above, a bozo.” – Tim Bray, co-editor of the XML 1.0 specification There seem to be developers who think that well-formedness is awfully hard—if not impossible—to get right when producing XML programmatically and developers who can get it right and wonder why the others are so incompetent. I assume no one wants to appear incompetent or to be called names. Therefore, I hope the following list of dos and don’ts helps developers to move from the first group to the latter.
OpenGL Video Tutorial - Home