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Books/ Free On-line Linux Technical Books and Tutorials. 4 Sites with LOTS Of Completely Free Ebooks That Don’t Suck. If you’re a fervent reader and nerd like I am, you’ve probably encountered quite a lot of writing online.

4 Sites with LOTS Of Completely Free Ebooks That Don’t Suck

However, most of them are either absolute garbage or entirely illegal. It’s hard to find good, legal reads online – unless you know where to look. There are several sites that offer classic out-of-copyright writing, or publishes new e-books online as promotions. If you know where to look, you can feast on these completely free Ebooks for all the time you’ve got, and today is the day we’ll show you where to look. Planet eBook Planet eBook is a classy site that offers classic literature for free. However, Planet eBook doesn’t just give you any piece of ‘free literature’.

Furthermore, if you feel like a book is ‘missing’ from it’s collection, you put it up as a suggestion. All books on Planet eBook can be read on the site, but can also be downloaded as a PDF, both in a 1-page and 2-page version. ManyBooks Classic Reader PublicBookshelf. Authorama - Public Domain Books. Free Management Library (SM)

Media in eBooks/Other. The Carl Sagan Room - Books on science and critical thinking. The Skeptic's Bookstore Science and Critical Thinking Adams, James L.

The Carl Sagan Room - Books on science and critical thinking

Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas 3rd ed. (Perseus Press, 1990). Belsky, Gary and Thomas Gilovich. Beveridge, W. Bronowski, Jacob. Brugioni, Dino A. Carroll, Robert Todd. Carroll, Robert Todd. Churchland, Patricia Smith. Damasio, Antonio R. Damasio, Antonio R. Bookstore. Welcome to the Here I've collected a number of books that I think would be useful to visitors to my site. Some I own myself, others have been recommended by others. Feel free to recommend a book to me, but please include the ISBN number! Part of each sale is used to fund the development and maintenance of this site. To make the most of your contribution, please remember to select books directly from this site (i.e. click on a book here, and on the page that leads to, choose to purchase the book). If you want me to benefit from purchases of other books, use one of the search boxes or click on one of the book store logos.