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Lessons in Tanya - Contemporary Works. Lessons in Tanya is a well-lit and accessible gateway to the Tanya - the fundamental, classic work upon which all concepts of Chabad Chasidism are based.

Lessons in Tanya - Contemporary Works

The Tanya is indispensable to an understanding of the Chasidic movement and the philosophy behind it. More importantly, it offers guidance for every facet of the day-to-day life of a Jew in his or her service to G-d. Lessons In Tanya takes the acute ideas and concepts of the Tanya and makes them readily accessible to the eager student, as it leads the reader through every paragraph and page, illuminating the mystical, often allusive, Talmudic, Kabbalistic, and Scriptural verses and concepts. It fills many gaps in what the terse Tanya text assumes to be the reader's background knowledge.

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