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"Near Me" Local SEO Ranking Factors - Local SEO Guide. If you have been paying attention to the countless pieces put out, you know that “near me” searches are climbing rapidly.

"Near Me" Local SEO Ranking Factors - Local SEO Guide

Just check out how Google Trends evaluates the search term “near me”: Not only has “near me” risen as a whole, but specific near me searches have also skyrocketed: Near me has become a critical issue in Local SEO, and honestly if you aren’t already optimizing for these types of searches, you should really start now. Now, with that being said, the problem is: “How do you optimize for near me searches?” I have heard all kinds of things, ranging from “Google just figures it out” to “It’s just the closest result in a category”. Methodology The methodology used is the same as the main study and can be found here. As for the scope, at the end of the day we looked at ~600 searches which included ~6,000 GMB pages as well as the corresponding domains/pages that the GMB pages linked to. Results. "Near Me" Local SEO Ranking Factors - Local SEO Guide.

Simply Static — WordPress Plugins. Simply Static is a static site generator for WordPress that helps you create a static site that you can serve separately from your WordPress installation.

Simply Static — WordPress Plugins

This provides a couple benefits. One, this allows you to keep WordPress in a secure location that no one can access but you. Two, your static site is going to be really, really fast. Security WordPress is used by one in four websites[1]. Keeping WordPress secure requires constant vigilance. But what if there was an easy way to keep WordPress secure? With Simply Static you can put your WordPress installation in a secure location and publish a static site for the rest of the world to see. Performance Every time you visit a WordPress page it needs to perform database queries to fetch content and run PHP code to render the page. I'd like to run wordpress locally and have it generate static files for deployment. Is this possible? : Wordpress. How to create Wordpress page content programmatically? : Wordpress.

Shortcode - How to build dynamic pages? NAGOYA Free Wi-Fi. Japanese Restaurants. Many different types of restaurants are found in Japan.

Japanese Restaurants

Below we introduce some of the most popular restaurant types and their typical price ranges (per person): Specialized Japanese Restaurants Many restaurants in Japan specialize in just one type of food: Sushi-ya (1,000 to 20,000 yen) Sushi-ya are restaurants which specialize in sushi. In most sushi-ya, customers can sit either at a normal table or at a counter (sushi bar), behind which the sushi chef is working. General Restaurants The following are some restaurant types that offer a broader range of dishes than specialized restaurants: Izakaya (1,000 to 5,000 yen) Izakaya, like pubs, are casual drinking establishments that also serve a variety of small dishes, such as robata (grilled food), yakitori, salads and other finger foods.

Yatai outdoor food stalls in Fukuoka A typical family restaurant Foreign Cuisine Many restaurants in Japan specialize in a foreign cuisine such as Korean, Chinese and Italian cooking. REHub Demos. REHub. REHub – Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced affiliate, coupon, directory functions + ECWID + WOOCOMMERCE EXTENDED + Multivendor and user submit + EasyDigitalDownload + BBPress + Content EGG + Affiliate links builder support REHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme with magazine, blog, review, directory, user generated, shop and affiliate options.


It has emphasis on modern style, content and has different options for affiliate earnings, coupon and review website, comparison websites and e-shops. So you can use it for different purposes: from standalone blog to portal with shop, review system, news magazine, comparison websites, digital products shop and user generated sites. Attention for using nulled versions – you have limited access to theme functions. Only official buyers from Themeforest have access to frontend posting plugin updates, multivendor, import extension for deal and coupons, specification extensions and many others useful instruments. First on Envato. Post formats. Listify. This won’t be the first time you look for a directory theme, but it will be the last time.


Because with Listify you have more than you could ever want or need. Whether you know it or not, many of the websites you visit are powered by directories. How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu in Posts / Pages. Menu shortcode — WordPress Plugins. Create Subdomains on the fly with .htaccess (PHP) Button Plugin MaxButtons. MaxButtons is a WordPress button, social share and social icon plugin.

Button Plugin MaxButtons

Use it to create great-looking CSS3 WordPress buttons which can be used on any post or page on your site. The easy to use button editor makes it a snap to generate awesome responsive buttons in very little time. The social share and social icon features allow you to use or modify prebuilt social share and social icons to your delight. MaxButtons WordPress button plugin has been going strong for over 4 years and was the first button plugin for WordPress. We regularly update and upgrade MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro plus give terrific, timely support.

“The best plugin of its kind” - by celito “This plugin makes creating buttons sooooo easy.” - by ncrocker202 “Easy, clear, and robust. Max Foundry also makes the WordPress Gallery plugin MaxGalleria and Media Library Plus for better organization of your WordPress Media Library. Requirements WordPress installedPHP 5.3.