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3 Christmas Sight Words Games. SIGHT WORD bean bag toss. Perfect stocking stuffer! It is SO easy to make and SO much better than the stuff you buy at the store.

Perfect stocking stuffer!

This recipe makes the softest, sqUISHiest, longest lasting play dough…EVER! You can make your kids’ favorite colors and package them in these perfect little containers to throw in your kids’ stockings. Where did I get these perfect little containers? Let me show you… My little tank has been going through a TON of this stuff! After I put the playdough in the container, I thought it looked a little plain.

I LOVE ishare! Before you go thinking that this playdough can’t possibly be that good, make some. Enough said. But even snow gets old after a while, so after some hot cocoa and coconut toast…it was time for the PLAYDOUGH! Okay, Okay enough story telling. 1 cup flour 1 cup water 1/4 cup salt 2 tsp. cream of tartar 1 Tbls. vegetable oil food coloring (I used 4 drops) Just dump all the ingredients into your pot and give them a good stir. Fraction / FREE Printable Worksheets – Worksheetfun. Word frames.pdf.

WOW: Work on Words Center: Updated!! Hello!

WOW: Work on Words Center: Updated!!

I can't believe a whole week has gone by since I posted our St. Patrick's Day projects. We have spring conferences next week...busy week ahead. Reading Management Binder. You will find our new, updated binder with editable files here: Reading Management Binder Be completely prepared as you head to your PLC meeting to discuss strategies and interventions for your struggling readers.

Reading Management Binder

Winter Fraction Printable. This winter fraction freebie is the perfect way to add a little fun to your math routine this month.

Winter Fraction Printable

It's perfect for homework, morning work, enrichment packs, or even winter break work packets. Just click HERE to download your copy from GoogleDocs. Paper Mache Recipes. This page contains recipes for several kinds of home-made paper mache paste, and home-made gesso recipes for finishing your sculptures.

Paper Mache Recipes

I have been messing around with paper mache for over 50 years and up until a few months ago I always came back to the easiest paper mache recipes, using plain old white flour and water paste with torn strips of newspaper. Now, however, I have abandoned the traditional layered paper process and use my new paper mache clay recipe and/or the even newer silky-smooth air-dry clay recipe for most my sculptures. However, for younger artists or for those who really don’t want to make the trip to the hardware store, these following recipes work just fine, and most of the tutorials on this site would work using these traditional paper mache recipes.

Montessori Mathematics: The Complete Bead Material - Part 1. When those who are not much familiar with the Montessori Method hear it referred to they often have interesting preconceived idea of what it entails.

Montessori Mathematics: The Complete Bead Material - Part 1

Some thoughts that I've heard are as follows: --"Oh, the schools where they have no tests and they play with educational toys all day! "--"You mean those really expensive private schools? "--"Montessori schools are where the smart kids go. "--"Don't they mix up grades there? " If you are really knowledgeable about Montessori, then you can see how most of these statements have a grain of truth enhanced by a dose of ignorance. --"No, they don't have traditional type tests in Montessori schools, at least not in the early years, but the children are constantly being evaluated on what they have learned.

As for the materials themselves, if someone has heard of them or seen them the impression that they come away with is often, "that's a lot of beads! " I got lucky on eBay and was able to buy the Decimal Golden Bead Material at an excellent price. The Best Search Links on the Net. Montessori materials to enhance the Classical Conversations Curriculum. Cultivating Dharma. Montessori Materials. Bead Materials and Montessori at Home. Note: This is a popular post on the site and I've edited it slightly from it's original form for clarity.

Bead Materials and Montessori at Home

We are nowhere near ready for bead materials yet, but I am posting about them today anyway. I want to make sure that all of you know about a quiet Montessori blog you may not have visited yet. While it is relatively easy to find examples of people making their own spindle boxes and sandpaper letters, it is much more rare to see someone tackle cylinder blocks or bead materials. The author of Montessori at Home takes on DIY Montessori tasks that are not for the faint of heart.

I am constantly referring people from other blogs and on Yahoo groups to her series of posts about buying and making your own bead materials. This post was triggered by a post I read today on the blog Walk Beside Me. One solution is to make your own. The other solution is to buy only what you need. Unfortunately, this is still going to run you more than $400. And my personal favorite:

Montessori - Maths. Montessori Fractions!! Introducing fractions to our tiny ones can be as simple as this... during lunch or snack time.

Montessori Fractions!!

There are many fraction materials that can be easily made check out these felt fraction circles. I have seen play food sets pizza's, pie's, cake sets... a huge variety of handmade items used for fraction lessons. Most of what I purchased was from Kidadvance and can be found here. We simply started these materials with the Fraction Skittles, and the puzzle below. I made the cards above for matching the skittles - they are construction paper shapes laminated to cards in the corresponding colors. Both of my children love this puzzle. This little box set is one we put together. These will be used a little later for working problems, but are certainly wonderful to use in any capacity you choose.