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Music Industry

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LSE_MPPbrief1_creative_destruction_and_copyright_protection. Did file-sharing cause recording industry collapse? Economists say no. For the last decade, the movie and music industries have engaged in a relentless struggle against Internet file sharing.

Did file-sharing cause recording industry collapse? Economists say no

One prominent theater of this global conflict has been the UK, which last year saw the passage of the Digital Economy Act. The law, if fully implemented, could allow Internet Service Providers to disconnect "persistent infringers" of the UK's copyright rules from the 'Net. The zeal with which Hollywood and the recording industry have pursued this ISP-as-cop approach around the world has prompted some ISPs to cry foul. FUTURE CITY OF MUSIC. Berlin is emerging as a hub for music technology companies trying to dramatically change the way we make and listen to music ...


Special to MORE INTELLIGENT LIFE When Richie Hawtin, a Canadian electronic musician and DJ, did a live set in Berlin using just two iPads, he was not just demonstrating the lightening hand speed and progressive sounds that have made him famous. He was showcasing how he has been able to push back musical boundaries by embracing technological tools created and invented in the city.

The REAL Death Of The Music Industry.