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Facebook Twitter Apps We Use In Kindergarten (2013 Update) 'The Particles' iPad App Is a Physics Geek's Dream. What with the Higgs boson making headlines all the time, everyone's heard of this so-called Standard Model in physics, but how many people really know what it is?

'The Particles' iPad App Is a Physics Geek's Dream

Now anyone with an iPad or Windows 8 tablet can dive into the world of particle physics in a comprehensive and well-organized app simply called "The Particles. " Lest you think Science Photo Library's The Particles is nothing but impenetrable text and equations, fear not: The five main categories of particles are displayed on the app's main page in a colorful pie chart that responds to finger swipes by rotating. Since each of the five pie pieces moves independently, the menu also functions as a kind of "chaos pinwheel" — a detail that's sure to amuse. Tap one of the categories, and you get a pop-up list of the known particles in that group as well as a broad overview of that particle type. Select a particle, and you an excellent summary of it that isn't too intimidating to general readers or high school students. The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad.

Finding apps isn’t difficult.

The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad

Finding education apps is only a bit more challenging. Finding free education apps is also possible. Finding free education apps worth downloading is a different story entirely. The following is our list for the 55 best apps for learning we can find. Some are formal learning–math drilling and phonics, for example–while others are RSS readers, social media platforms, and the like. A few notes: 1. 2. iCell for iPad Gives Students 3D Views of Cells. iCell is a free iPad app developed by the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology.

iCell for iPad Gives Students 3D Views of Cells

The app provides students with 3D models of plant, animal, and bacteria cells. Each cell model can be viewed in detail by zooming in and rotating the model on your iPad. Students can learn about the parts of the cells by tapping on them to reveal their labels and a brief description of that part’s function. 30 iPad Apps Every Teacher Should Be Using.

iPad Resources, Sources & Tools - Getting Smart by Tom Vander Ark - blended learning, iPad. Email Share December 26, 2012 - by Tom Vander Ark 105 Email Share 36 Lists of iPad Resources 12 Sources & Tools for iPad iPads in Education Daily iPads For Education i Pads in Primary Education iPad4Schools Mark Anderson’s blog A Day in the Life of the iPad Classroom The Debate Over iPads in Education ShowMe : presentation software and instructional resources Chromatik : learn, practice, record, share music ClassDojo: classroom management MasteryConnect : formative assessment Edmodo : social learning platform Check out Twitter hashtag #iPadEd for more.

40 best iPad apps for designers. We've gathered together the very best iPad apps in Apple's App Store – and many are free.

40 best iPad apps for designers

You're sure to find a timelessly brilliant app that meets your needs, saving you the hassle of searching through the hundreds of thousands available. Whether you're looking to design on your iPad, carry out research, find inspiration, or improve your task management and productivity there are tons of iPad apps in our list. So here goes, in no particular order... 01. Adobe Capture CC Price: Free Packed with useful features to work alongside apps like Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, Adobe Capture CC lets users extract colour themes from photos and convert images into vector graphics. 02. Price: Free Generate native prototypes and preview your ideas as if they've already gone live with the help of Pixate. 03. Skala lets users iterate faster in the seemingly endless struggle to arrive at a better design. 04. Price: $3.30/ £2.29 05. Most Popular Free Apps For iPhone, iPad: Apple Reveals Biggest Downloads Of All Time.

After a very brief countdown, and with the next iPad just days away from its release, Apple recently passed 25 billion apps downloaded on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and as part of the celebration, it has released a list of the 25 most downloaded iOS apps for both the iPad and the iPhone of all time.

Most Popular Free Apps For iPhone, iPad: Apple Reveals Biggest Downloads Of All Time

You can download all of these super popular apps in iTunes here (if you haven't already!) , but if you're just looking to browse, we've got the list right here. Here, for example, are the top 25 free iPhone apps (with download links, for your convenience): 1. Facebook 2. A few things to note here: - Facebook, who has often been called an enemy of Apple's, has the most downloaded app on the iPhone of all time. Apps pour le français! Technology and World Languages - Catherine Ousselin - World Language Tech Consultant. APPitic - 1,800+ EDUapps.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education. Evernote: A 0-to-60 MPH Guide. Evernote is many things to many people because it’s so powerful.

Evernote: A 0-to-60 MPH Guide

But for the same reason, Evernote’s purpose is vague enough that it can be hard to get started with it. First, you have to figure out what it can do for you. Here’s a guide to how to think about Evernote, so you can get better at using it. What Is Evernote? Evernote is an application that lets you create notes that sync between all your devices. Evernote has amazing search powers. The free version is already pretty powerful, but for $45.00 per year, you can upload up to 1GB per month, attach up to 50MB of just about anything to an individual note, you can go back in time and view past versions of notes, search inside PDFs and more. A “note” in Evernote can be text only, or it can include photos, audio or other attachments. Evernote allows for two levels of organization of individual notes. There are also a couple of tricks. So Evernote is clearly powerful. Evernote Is Your Digital Desk Drawer That’s still too vague.

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