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Henrik Ryd

5 Ways Gamification Can Help Students Develop A Growth Mindset. Gamification allows us to enhance our knowledge and enhance our basic soft skills like multi-tasking, collaborating, creative thinking and committing to a goal. In 2002, the word gamification was coined as a way to describe the incorporation of game-thinking and game-mechanisms to solve real world problems. Companies like Duolingo, the second language learning app, turned learning language into a competition amongst friends and strangers.

Users of e-learning platforms like Duolingo become engrossed in earning badges and leveling up, sometimes losing sight of what skill they’re gaining in the process. Someone with a fixed mindset may think, I could never learn French, I just don’t have what it takes. While someone with a growth mindset may think, well I don’t know French yet, but if I study everyday for six-months I’ll get there. Gaming and the Growth Mindset According to Dr. We can surmise that Dr. Here are five ways gamification can help develop a growth mindset. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. SO-spel.


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