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THE BRAID PARADE. All photos by Kristin Ess Correct me if I’m wrong, but Instagram was created just for posting braids, right?


Okay maybe not but at least that’s what I like to use mine for. Today’s post is less about a tutorial and more a gallery of good good. I thought it would be fun to upload my favorite braid posts from my page so they’re all here in one spot. These aren’t photos that we’ve done TBD tutorials for but many of them can be done using one tutorial + another, which I will specify. This was done on super long hair. This one looks complicated but it’s not at all. Doesn’t this look complicated? I mean, let’s be honest… this just looks extra cool because my friend has purple hair. This one is fun because the messier the better. I did this for Lauren on one of our Kohl’s shoots and it’s my favorite! SO CUTE! This is obviously for a fun occasion like a football game, soccer game, whatever sport you like, it would be fun to do it with your colors.

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Here’s our next one! It’s a half updo which I personally love for attending weddings or for any special occasion where you want to look prim + proper but not overdone. It’s got a french fishtail braid on one side and two tiny fishtail braids on the other side. Here’s how it’s done… Start with clean, dry hair.Massage some water based pomade into the root. Here are some additional images so you can see it from all angles. Hope you guys love this.

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Saw one of these floral ribbons at a retail store the other day. It was way too overpriced for my liking so of course we decided to create a version you can make yourself for about $2. It’s a simple thin ribbon with flowers and a bobby pin attached– not rocket science, but sometimes simple is just prettier. You know we love a flower crown but we’re head over heels for this as a new alternative. Here’s how we made it… You’ll want to find tiny flowers so the weight doesn’t pull the ribbon. Collect scissors, 1/8″ thin ribbon, your flowers, a single small bobby pin and some thin beading wire.Gather a tiny cluster of buds and bind them together using a small piece of your wire.

Use the bobby pin to secure the ribbon just below your part. 17 Hair Hacks that every girl should know! 1.

17 Hair Hacks that every girl should know!

This one trick will help you go from This to This. Here. 2. Use a claw in the middle of your pony tail to get a fuller tail. 26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks. Jessica-alba-short-blonde-hairstyle-682x1024.jpg (JPEG Image, 682 × 1024 pixels) - Scaled (97%) How to Plop Curly Hair Perfect Overnight (Video) This “plopping” or “plunking” technique is for all curly-haired ladies!

How to Plop Curly Hair Perfect Overnight (Video)

It is a no-heat method for frizz-free, voluminous curls that I bet all ladies with curls will love to have a go once know how. Then how to get those playful, free-flowing, and slightly unkempt hair? The secret is what you do with your hair while it’s still wet. Most of us take a shower before going to bed and wake up with frizzy hair, YouTube user Donata White tells us a wonderful technique to use (especially for us nighttime showerers). All we need: TRESemme Platinum StrengthTREsemme Keratin Smooth SerumGarnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning CreamA large Cotton T-shirt. Check out the video here: Short Hair Cuts for Wavy Hair. Short-hairstyles-for-oval-face1d-500x608.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 608 pixels)