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House Building

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Инженерные системы. Woodworking for Mere Mortals. For years we have had a daybed in our guest bedroom.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals

A daybed is an odd type of space-saving bed that takes up a lot space. When it’s retracted, it’s too deep to use for seating. When it’s made into a bed, it’s uncomfortable and the two sections tend to separate. This small bedroom gets used for guests maybe once or twice a year, hardly justifying wasting half its space with a bed. The answer is a Murphy bed. Murphy Bed hardware kit Building the cabinet and bed frame is pretty easy. It comes with instructions for building a basic bed frame and cabinet. Other materials I used for this project: Casper Mattress I am thrilled that Casper Mattresses agreed to sponsor this project. Free Plans. Free Energy Options Uncovered in the Best DIY Guides.

Easy-build Free-energy Devices. Google. Green Building. Pub Grease Helps Heat Green Building Superstar One Embankment Place in London is the new all-time BREEAM score leader, in part thanks to a heating and cooling system that runs on biodiesel from used cooking oil.

Green Building

Read More Bullitt Center Rises To The Green Building Top World Architecture News names Seattle’s Bullitt Center its 2013 Sustainable Building of the Year. Read More Big Egg Laid, Green Building Honors Hatch The giant, new, egg-shaped Venco Campus in The Netherlands is topping the list of green building’s in the country. Read More Green Buildings: A Matter Of Health, Not Just Energy The “Building Health Initiative” in Northern California looks to emphasize improving human health – not just saving energy and water – through green building. Read More A Personal Lesson In Green Building Dilemmas We had to make some tradeoffs, but investing more up front was well worth it, as it ended up providing more comfort, reducing our carbon footprint, and saving us money in the long run.

B House by Anderson Anderson Architecture + Nishiyama Architects. B House by Anderson Anderson Architecture + Nishiyama Architects This two bedroom, one bath home—built for two public school teachers on a hillside overlooking Kumamoto, Japan—is planned to become fully energy self-sufficient once all designed systems are phased in.

B House by Anderson Anderson Architecture + Nishiyama Architects

The construction budget of US$154,000—an extremely modest budget by local Kumamoto standards—required a close collaboration of the architects and builder to achieve a high-quality, off-site fabricated timber-frame construction meeting high sustainability standards. Rather than eliminating green technology to remain within budget, the 1100 square foot home was planned for a phased integration of systems, budgeted to be completed with the couple’s current income without increased loans over the coming five years. The house is sited on a terraced, south-facing slope in a dense housing neighborhood, overlooking orange groves and a spectacular view of Kumamoto Castle and surrounding hills.

Via. Home Building And Construction. Do-It-Yourself Solar Heat. The sun's energy can be captured by homemade solar hot-air collectors and thermosiphoning panels to provide free heat.

Do-It-Yourself Solar Heat

The units direct air warmed by the sun through a window or wall opening into the adjoining room. If you're serious about cutting your home heating bills this winter, one of our inexpensive, do-it-yourself projects will help. MOTHER's Solar Heat Grabber Build this simple solar heater that hangs outside of a window and sends free heat from the sun into a room. Building Plan for the Solar Heat Grabber You can build a heat grabber from this detailed, large-scale plan. Building Plan for a Solar Hot-air Collector This shed-type hot air collector will help heat your house in the winter and offer storage space in the summer.

The Hot-Line Solar Collector This is similar to a conventional flat-plate solar collector, but what makes Lightfoot's panel unique is that it contains a specially curved reflector which acts to concentrate incoming sunlight on a wedge-shaped absorption tube. The $1000 Solar Water Heating System. Search The Renewable Energy site for Do-It-Yourselfers Directory -- for the system overview provided on this page: This page gives an overview of the $1K Solar Water Heating System.

The $1000 Solar Water Heating System

Important: This page is just a quick overview of the system, but there are 20+ pages covering the design, construction, testing, cost, and performance of the system in great detail -- see this ROAD MAP for all of the gory details. Objectives for the System.