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5 Tricks to Improve Your Credit Score in Just 6 Months. At one point in the past year, I had a credit score in the 300 range.

5 Tricks to Improve Your Credit Score in Just 6 Months

That’s beyond horrible. Lifehacker. The Best Search Engines of 2016. YouTube goes social as the Community beta arrives. Using RecyclerView to build lists in Android.

Pc tips

Android apps. Zotero. House cleaning hacks. Android apps. Recipes. Coupons. Study tools. Tor Search Engine. Tor hidden services. The Ultimate Guide to the Invisible Web. Search engines are, in a sense, the heartbeat of the internet; “googling” has become a part of everyday speech and is even recognized by Merriam-Webster as a grammatically correct verb.

The Ultimate Guide to the Invisible Web

It’s a common misconception, however, that googling a search term will reveal every site out there that addresses your search. In fact, typical search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing actually access only a tiny fraction – estimated at 0.03% – of the internet. The Best Windows Software. Windows is bathed in a sea of free applications.

The Best Windows Software

Which ones can you trust and which ones are the best? Consult this list for ideas and discover apps you didn’t know existed. We’re continuously seeking out the best Windows software for all your needs.


Bookmarks. Pinterest. Study helpful tools. Bookmarks. Add ons. Chrome extensions. Web. Coupons. Nursing. The web. Bookmark. GatherEducation - Virtual Learning Platform. 45 Free Online Computer Science Courses. Missed lectures or hate teachers?

45 Free Online Computer Science Courses

Or want to study computer science courses without going to university? … You can study anytime anywhere because there are number of free online computer science courses available on internet that are very interactive. Here is the list of 45 free online computer science courses that are designed by teaching experts from best universities of the world (almost the whole graduation!). 1. Programming Methodology CS106A , Stanford University Course. Complete set of course materials. 2. This course is the natural successor to Programming Methodology and covers such advanced programming topics as recursion, algorithmic analysis, and data abstraction using the C++ programming language, which is similar to both C and Java. 3. Advanced memory management features of C and C++; the differences between imperative and object-oriented paradigms. 4.

Study Skills. Learning involves many activities: managing your time, taking notes, reading books, listening to lectures, memorizing, having discussions, and writing tests.

Study Skills

The Auscultation Assistant - Hear Heart Murmurs, Heart Sounds, and Breath Sounds. MedCram. Nursing study resources. Reasoning in Nursing. Resumes.

Online education

What is Visual Thinking? Mind mapping. Textbooks. Blogs. Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. 101 Excellent Resources And Tools For Students Of Any Age. Whether you’re a student just starting the school year or you’re a lifelong learner like me, you’ll find resources, tools and a ton of fun stuff to stash in your virtual backpack. If you find these resources helpful, please share this post with your friends. I would greatly appreciate it. Before you begin, make sure you Grab Your Free Brain Training Power Pack. Increase Your IQ Score Day by day account of our experiment to increase IQ. See how well it worked… Brain Pages Find help and support on just about any topic relating to brain fitness. Perfect Lecture Notes Step by Step Comprehensive instructions on how to take the perfect set of lecture notes. 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars.

While burying yourself in the stacks at the library is one way to get some serious research done, with today’s technology you can do quite a bit of useful searching before you ever set foot inside a library.

100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars

Undergraduates and grad students alike will appreciate the usefulness of these search engines that allow them to find books, journal articles and even primary source material for whatever kind of research they’re working on and that return only serious, academic results so time isn’t wasted on unprofessional resources. Note: Visit our updated list for the latest in academic search engines. General. Top 6 Sites that Inspire and Educate & Life Scoop. Cheat sheets and programming resources - QuicklyCode.

70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet. FREEWARE GUIDE - Your Guide to the Best Free Software and Freeware Sites! Tech Tips for Teachers. The Digital Primary Teacher: Google Hangout Lesson. Today I love Google+ Hangouts!

The Digital Primary Teacher: Google Hangout Lesson

Although I am new to Google+, I have been using the hangout feature since September 2011. Scrivener Tutorial Videos. Get up and running with Scrivener.

Scrivener Tutorial Videos

The videos presented below are designed to supplement Scrivener's interactive tutorial (Help > Interactive Tutorial) by providing visual demonstrations of some of the program's features. Our videos are also available on [YouTube]. An Introduction to Scrivener A ten-minute overview of Scrivener that covers all the main features. Online Study Guides.

40 websites that will make you cleverer right now. The indexed web contains an incredible 14 billion pages.

40 websites that will make you cleverer right now

But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here are 40 of the best. – Learn about our awe inspiring past all in one wonderful place. – Watch thousands of micro-lectures on topics ranging from history and medicine to chemistry and computer science. – Help end world hunger by correctly answering multiple-choice quizzes on a wide variety of subjects. XMind: The Most Professional Mind Mapping Software. 10 Chrome extensions to help manage references, notes, citations and capture information. From literature searches to collaborative online writing, a significant amount of the research process now takes place online.

10 Chrome extensions to help manage references, notes, citations and capture information.

Andy Tattersall provides a list of useful Google Chrome extensions that can be added to the browser to help facilitate the daily academic workflow. Recommendations below cover tools for reference management, link saving, and finding quick access to academic articles. Resources for Smart Students. Readers often ask me what tools and resources I use for getting things done, managing money, educating myself, and running this blog. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. Learn to code. Start Learning at Treehouse for Free.


Bubba. Nursing blogs. Pearlstree. Scrivener. Study sites. Apps for Students - Product Hunt. An Overlooked YouTube Feature. YouTube contains many useful features that are frequently overlooked. One of those features is using your YouTube channel to store videos even if you don't make them public. Another overlooked aspect of YouTube is that it can serve as a file conversion tool for some video formats. When you upload videos to YouTube you don't have to make them public. Since YouTube doesn't limit how many files you can upload, you can use your YouTube channel to simply store your video files for free.