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Tutorial: How to sew on bias binding. Over the years I have posted many bias related posts (see the collection below), but it's just occurred to me that I never shown you how to sew on bias.

Tutorial: How to sew on bias binding

Many of you have problems catching the back when sewing bias on so I'll show you a trick so that it catches every time. I will do a series of posts showing you how to sew on bias, do corners and finish bias.Edited : Other posts in this series included : how to add bias to curves & mitred corners Today we start with sewing bias on. Start by placing your opened bias fold to the edge of your fabric. Right side of your bias will be placed against the wrong side of your fabric. Sew along the fold line with a straight stitch Turn over so your right side of main fabric is facing up and press bias away from the edge. If you turn your fabric back over it should look like this.

OK, the trick to making sure your second row of stitching catches the back bias edge is all about the first stitching line and not the bias inself. Toilet Paper Origami Book. Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! - the purl bee. Google Translate. Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials. Preventive Sewing-Machine Maintenance. By Sally Hickersonfrom Threads #91, pgs. 28, 30 Most sewing machine problems that I encounter can be traced to poor general maintenance or neglect.

Preventive Sewing-Machine Maintenance

But with some simple tools (shown in the photo right) and just a few minutes daily, weekly, or monthly- depending on how much you're sewing- you can help keep your machine running smoothly. Here are my guidelines for care that should keep you and your machine happy and out of the repair shop. Read more sewing machine tips like this one by purchasing a print subscription of Threads magazine. Print subscriptions come with FREE access to our tablet editions. Keep it covered Dust, lint, grit, and animal hair can find their way into your machine and cause all sorts of problems, especially for the printed circuit board of a computerized machine.

Change your needles often I recommend replacing the needle after every four hours of sewing time. Lovely plush mini owl choose any color by LilyRoseCraft. Frightfully Free Halloween Fonts! Arsenic and Old Lace: October Country Living. Upright diamond fold card. I found the directions for making this card HERE.

Upright diamond fold card

Less Is More: Brown and Pink. This is my second post today.

Less Is More: Brown and Pink

It's brown and pink week at Less Is More!! Love these colors because you could go bright and funky or sweet and gentle. Book Page Corner Heart Origami Bookmark. This is another heart tutorial.

Book Page Corner Heart Origami Bookmark

Is the 'book page' trend over yet? I sure hope not, because I just love the look of this corner bookmark folded from a book page. The great thing about origami is that it is cheap and anyone can do it - with the proper instructions. GorgeousGiftPresentation. 50 Mosaic Tiles ~1-1/2 Inch Square Mirror~ Silver Backed - Mirror Tiles.

** Mosaic Tiles 4U ** For Your Consideration: ~~~1-1/2 Inch Square Mirrors~~~ There are 50- 1 inch regular silver backed mirror tiles in this listing, 1/8" thick.

50 Mosaic Tiles ~1-1/2 Inch Square Mirror~ Silver Backed - Mirror Tiles

These would make great additions to brighten up miscellaneous sections of your mosaic projects. Don't break mirrors yourself, let me get the "7 years bad luck". PLEASE NOTE: All of the tiles are handcut by my daughter and I and we are both licensed glaziers by the State of Connecticut, Dept. of Consumer Protection There are no handling or packaging charges. As always, I'd be happy to combine items to save your money on shipping, please email me when you are done shopping (before paying) for an invoice with the discount. Payment Terms I accept Paypal Shipping Terms As always, I'd be happy to combine items to save your money on shipping, please email me when you are done shopping (before paying) for an invoice with the discount. How to make a scratch off lottery ticket? You probably know the scratch off lottery tickets?

How to make a scratch off lottery ticket?

Ever wondered how to make them? Well, they are very fun & easy to make.I used to make greeting cards from them but now I'm going to use this technique as a promotional tool.I made 25 scratch off tickets and will include 1 ticket with every order I ship.On one of those tickets, there is a coupon code and a value of 25 dollars to spend in my shop on Etsy. Waaaahhh, exciting! :) Here is what you need:cardboard, a print-out of your lottery ticket, glue stick, sticky back plastic (contact paper), metallic acrylic paint (preferably silver) and washing liquid.I prepared the paper cutting beforehand so I'll skip that part in the tutorial. :) Beforehand you print out a design that you want to be on the scratch off lottery tickets.If your printer can take thick paper you can print it directly on the cardboard and skip this part.

Then you take a piece of sticky back plastic and put it onto the design. Rick Rack Scarf. I recently unearthed the first project I ever knit, a moth-eaten stockinette scarf.

Rick Rack Scarf

I made it over twenty years ago while I was spending a school year in rural France. My French "mother" was the town librarian and an amazing knitter. She opened her stash basket to me and walked me through every step of that crazy scarf. Ruffle Flower Scarf. I took a couple of my favorite projects and combined them into something for me.

Ruffle Flower Scarf

After all that creating over Christmas for other people, it was fun to make something for myself. Not that I don't enjoy creating for others, of course.