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How to make a scratch off lottery ticket?

How to make a scratch off lottery ticket?
You probably know the scratch off lottery tickets? Ever wondered how to make them? Well, they are very fun & easy to make.I used to make greeting cards from them but now I'm going to use this technique as a promotional tool.I made 25 scratch off tickets and will include 1 ticket with every order I ship.On one of those tickets, there is a coupon code and a value of 25 dollars to spend in my shop on Etsy. Waaaahhh, exciting! :) Here is what you need:cardboard, a print-out of your lottery ticket, glue stick, sticky back plastic (contact paper), metallic acrylic paint (preferably silver) and washing liquid.I prepared the paper cutting beforehand so I'll skip that part in the tutorial. :) Beforehand you print out a design that you want to be on the scratch off lottery tickets.If your printer can take thick paper you can print it directly on the cardboard and skip this part. Then you take a piece of sticky back plastic and put it onto the design. And then... scratch!

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Rick Rack Scarf I recently unearthed the first project I ever knit, a moth-eaten stockinette scarf. I made it over twenty years ago while I was spending a school year in rural France. My French "mother" was the town librarian and an amazing knitter. She opened her stash basket to me and walked me through every step of that crazy scarf. Inspiration: Teacup Crafts! A variety of crafts made with teacups! So cute and feminine. More below!! Which one is your favourite? I really like the lamp and the hanging lights Tinfoil Rose Tutorial You knew another fabulous aluminum foil project was coming, right? Great for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day: A thornless Silver Rose. Of course, you'll need to make the Tinfoil "Waffle Cloth." I show you how to do that in the *Tinfoil Rickrack Tutorial here* {along with a peek at all the other amazing things you can do with foil!}

How To Make Salt Dough Pendants Learn how to make salt dough pendants and create your own affordable handmade jewelry. You will find that you already have most of the ingredients and equipment needed in your kitchen. I will show you how to make jewelry and how easy it is to create original and unique pendants from salt dough. Combine your salt dough pendants with our dough art beads to make your own stunning necklaces. How To Make Salt Dough Pendants - Preparation Recipe for Salt Dough Book Page Corner Heart Origami Bookmark This is another heart tutorial. Is the 'book page' trend over yet? I sure hope not, because I just love the look of this corner bookmark folded from a book page. The great thing about origami is that it is cheap and anyone can do it - with the proper instructions.

waiting Here's a picture of me waiting in the Radcliffe library for my date with a boy named J.D. His short stories are brilliant and have been published in The New Yorker, but I fear, entre nous, that he may be a little too misanthropic for me. Speaking of fiction, don't you love the outfit? You can make a giant flower like this white one by cutting up old t-shirts. Look! Cut a strip of t-shirt fabric, stitch down the middle, gather, fold in half lengthwise, and roll it up. Pinspiration: Book Balls When I saw these hanging balls on Pinterest, I knew that I wanted to try to make some for my house. After following the link I found out that these were in a store front. I decided that I wanted them in my house. So, I took some old lanterns that I had and started. I took the lid of a Volcano candle, and old book and started tracing page after page of circles. Once I had tons of circles cut out I began glueing them from the bottom of the lantern up.

Galaxy Handbag (and heels!) I have to admit - I'm typically not a glitter kind of girl. But as of a few days ago, that might have changed...or least when it comes to ultra fine glitter. I've always thought it's pretty, especially when I'm looking at entire spectrum of colors. My heart totally skips a beat whenever I look at something in many colors, all lined up - like these Proenza Schouler satchel bags or the mineral eyeshadows at Bare Escentuals boutiques OR this Prisamcolor Premier Pencil Wood Box Set... But when I decided that an old black H;M purse of mine needed a makeover, I decided to give some ultra fine glitter a shot. So glad I did!

Tutorial: How to sew on bias binding Over the years I have posted many bias related posts (see the collection below), but it's just occurred to me that I never shown you how to sew on bias. Many of you have problems catching the back when sewing bias on so I'll show you a trick so that it catches every time. I will do a series of posts showing you how to sew on bias, do corners and finish bias.Edited : Other posts in this series included : how to add bias to curves & mitred corners Today we start with sewing bias on. Start by placing your opened bias fold to the edge of your fabric.

Recycled Roses Wreath Tutorial I keep seeing fabric flowers EVERYWHERE- clothing, jewelry and crafts- so to kick off spring I decided to make my own fabric flowers out of recycled materials and turn them into a pretty wreath for the door. These flowers are super easy to make and can be used in a multitude of projects! Start with strips of recycled fabric, canvas, paper, ribbon- you can use just about anything. I started with some scraps of painted fabric that would have otherwise been thrown away! Wednes-DIY Home Décor: The Light Bulb Vase This week we’re sharing some of the blog’s greatest hits! These are some of our most loved posts by you, our amazing readers. Don’t throw away those old light bulbs just yet!

Ruffle Flower Scarf I took a couple of my favorite projects and combined them into something for me. After all that creating over Christmas for other people, it was fun to make something for myself. Not that I don't enjoy creating for others, of course. How to make your own dress form When starting on the wonderful and exciting journey of making your own clothes or altering old ones there is one thing you will definitely need to make your job easier...that is a dress form. There are many tutorials on the web but the best one I found is the one I am going to share with you. The source is but the tutorial is in German so I am going to make a short presentation in English, although the pictures speak pretty much for themselves. Here is what you will need: pillow filling for stuffing out your formscissorsmetal base2-3 rolls of tapecardboardan old hip-length T-shirtfoil (for the neck)

Honestly WTF Ok, it’s official. I ready to finally visit the melting pot that is Panama. Seeing photos of the new American Trade Hotel sealed the deal for me – it’s located in the 340 year old Casco Viejo neighborhood of the city and is a collaboration between the Ace Hotel Group and Conservatorio, a Casco real estate development company dedicated to revitalizing the neighborhood. The 50 room boutique hotel is oozing with Latin American flavor with white stucco walls, ceiling fans and patterned tiles.

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