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Conditions d'utilisation et copyright

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Vers Un Meilleur Respect Des Droits D'Auteur. Pinterest vient de publier un article sur son blog officiel : "More Attribution and Inline Play!

Vers Un Meilleur Respect Des Droits D'Auteur

", autrement dit les derniers changements que l'équipe a mise en place : qui concernent une meilleure visibilité des auteurs des visuels épinglés (Pined) Pinterest essaie de se protéger au mieux de tout manque de respect des droits d'auteurs. C'est pourquoi, récemment un ancien avocat de Google, Michael Yang a été recruté En mai déjà, le site avait fait déjà quelques changements puisque la source des pins des sites sur Flickr, YouTube, Behance, et Vimeo est bien visible Le titre de l’œuvreLe nom de l'auteurLe lien direct vers l’œuvreLe site + favicon L'attribution est donc automatique sur le Pin et ne peut être changé par l'auteur du Pin.

Flickr ajoute à son interface un bouton Pinterest. Flickr ajoute à son interface un bouton Pinterest. Pinterest Updates Terms Of Service As It Preps An API And Private Pinboards: More Copyright Friendly. Pinterest is growing up fast: just last week the image-based social network rolled out redesigned profile pages, and now it’s following that up with an updated Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy that sharpen how the company interfaces on a number of commercial points, as it rides its wave and rapidly reaches and passes 12 million users.

“We think that the updated Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy are easier to understand and better reflect the direction our company is headed in the future,” CEO Ben Silbermann wrote in an email late on March 23 to Pinterest users informing them of the changes, due to take effect on April 6. From the looks of it, that future direction involves not just more private experiences on Pinterest but also stronger push to get Pinterest working in a whole lot more places, and with a whole lot more partners. Conversely, users are not allowed to use the site for commercial purposes, either. Pinterest Will Make It Easier To Report Copyright Violations - Aurora. Pinterest updates Terms of Service - Aurora. After weeks of mounting user panic, Pinterest has decided to update its Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy.

Pinterest updates Terms of Service - Aurora

Since the purpose of Pinterest is for users to populate the site with images they do not own, the network has been in a legal gray area ever since users discovered that pinning content from around the Web might be on the wrong side of the law. Pinterest users, concerned that the sites’ vague policies could get them sued or worse, have even been deleting their boards to avoid uncertain punishment from copyright holders and Pinterest itself. What’s more, few users who expressed their concerns with copyright were about to get a response from Pinterest. Until recently, the network has been skirting the issue, addressing just two bloggers’ concerns with legality. Now, there should be no ambiguity about any of Pinterest’s policies. Pinterest Updates Terms and Conditions, Preps API - Aurora. Fast growing social sharing site Pinterest has introduced significant changes to its terms of service and began to develop APIs to open the service up to third party developers and services.

Pinterest Updates Terms and Conditions, Preps API - Aurora

An email sent out to registered users explains that the company has updated the original terms that have governed the site since it launched. The changes now see its terms split into three distinct groups – Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy – which the company says are “easier to understand and better reflect the direction our company is headed in the future”. The most significant of the new changes, which are set to go live on April 6, sees Pinterest relinquish its right to sell user content; something which the firm says it had never really intended to make use of:

Pinterest revoit ses conditions d’utilisation. Pinterest announces new terms of service & that private boards are coming soon. For my latest post about future Pinterest private boards and current alternatives click here.

Pinterest announces new terms of service & that private boards are coming soon.

As many of us have speculated, Pinterest today acknowledged that their original terms of service were a standard set of terms that didn’t really reflect the intent of what Pinterest was or is. To correct this, Pinterest announced a number of changes to their terms of service, acceptable use and privacy policies. Terms of Service. Thank you for using Pinterest!

Terms of Service

Pinterest's products and services are provided by Pinterest, Inc. These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern your access to and use of Pinterest's website, products, and services ("Products"). Please read these Terms carefully, and contact us if you have any questions. By accessing or using our Products, you agree to be bound by these Terms and by our Privacy Policy.

The Copyright Question: How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest - Aurora. Gonzalo E.

The Copyright Question: How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest - Aurora

Mon is a partner in the Advertising Law practice at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP and his co-author, John J. Heitmann, is a partner in the firm’s Telecommunications group. Read more on Kelley Drye’s advertising blog, Ad Law Access, or keep up with the group on Facebook or Twitter. Although Pinterest launched just two years ago, the site already boasts about 12 million users and a staggering number of daily pageviews. Both numbers are growing quickly. How Your Business Can Use Pinterest and Reduce Your Legal Risks - Aurora. Pinterest se pique aux règles du droit d’auteur. Élu meilleure startup par TechCrunch en 2011, le réseau social Pinterest a le vent en poupe aux Etats-Unis et commence à faire parler de lui en France.

Pinterest se pique aux règles du droit d’auteur

Déjà considéré comme « le nouveau Facebook » par certains, le site est le premier début 2012 à avoir atteint aussi rapidement une audience de 10 millions de visiteurs par mois. Ce succès fulgurant cache néanmoins une polémique grandissante à propos du respect par le site des règles du droit d’auteur, car la contrefaçon semble inscrite dans ses principes même de fonctionnement. Reprenant le principe des visuals bookmarks, Pinterest permet en effet à ses utilisateurs de constituer un tableau en « épinglant » (to pin en anglais) leurs découvertes faites sur le web, à la manière d’un mur Facebook et de les partager avec les autres membres du réseau. A cette occasion, les images épinglées sont copiées sur les profils des utilisateurs de la plateforme, avec normalement un lien en retour qui procure aux sites d’origine un trafic intéressant. Flickr adds Pinterest opt-out code to copyrighted photos. Photo-sharing site Flickr has added Pinterest's new opt-out code to all Flickr pages with copyrighted or protected images, according to a VentureBeat story published Friday night.

Flickr adds Pinterest opt-out code to copyrighted photos

Yahoo-owned Flickr did not immediately return an e-mail seeking confirmation on the move, but the site reportedly told VentureBeat that the code appears on all "non-public/non-safe pages, as well as when a member has disabled sharing of their Flickr content.... This means only content that is 'safe,' 'public,' and has the sharing button enabled can be pinned to Pinterest. " The virtual pinboard site, which is still in private beta, has grown at breakneck speed . Don't Get Stuck By Pinterest, Lawyers Warn - Law Blog - WSJ - Aurora.

Is Pinterest a copyright time bomb? MIT Tech Review hails Pinterest's terms of use as a genius-level copyright dodge.

Is Pinterest a copyright time bomb?

And while that may be so, its position is disingenuous to the point of irony. The problem is that "sharing whatever you like" and copyright infringement are, well, sort of the same thing. Lawyer assesses Pinterest's copyright situation - Aurora. Flickr Is Fighting Against Copyright Theft On Pinterest. How Pinterest Uses Your Content Without Violating Copyright Laws. Pinterest, the increasingly popular pinboarding social network, is able to present a visually arresting interface in large part by using copyrighted images pinned by users.

How Pinterest Uses Your Content Without Violating Copyright Laws

"It's a huge concern for creative bloggers," said Amy Anderson, who blogs on the arts and crafts site Crafter Minds. "I don't think Pinterest does anything to help protect copyright besides removing content when people ask. " Pinterest is able to avoid violating U.S. copyright laws thanks to a provision in the Internet Service Providers Act, which gives immunity to sites that publish information provided by others, according to Aaron Messing, an associate with OlenderFeldman LLP in New Jersey. As long as Pinterest continues to comply with a provision of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act that requires it to remove content when asked by the copyright owner, users are free to continue pinning any images they find on the Internet.

Pinterest and your rights - Tech Tonic. Video transcript Samsung is aggressively chasing an even greater share of the global smartphone market. And on day two of the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, it showed off a new variation of the successful Galaxy smartphone called the Beam. It has a touch screen like normal, but can also send a powerful beam of light to project media against any surface.

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