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A Lawyer Who Is Also A Photographer Just Deleted All Her Pinterest Boards Out Of Fear

A Lawyer Who Is Also A Photographer Just Deleted All Her Pinterest Boards Out Of Fear
wwiwsky via Flickr A woman named Kirsten decided to look into the legality of Pinterest. After all, she's a lawyer with a passion for photography. What she found scared her so much, she shut down her Pinterest boards entirely. Kirsten's investigation began after she saw photographers complaining about copyright violations on Facebook. She wondered why Facebook could get in trouble for copyright violation and Pinterest couldn't. She browsed Pinterest's Terms of Use section. "I immediately thought of the ridiculously gorgeous images I had recently pinned from an outside website, and, while I gave the other photographer credit, I most certainly could not think of any way that I either owned those photos or had a license, consent or release from the photographer who owned them," Kirsten writes. Pinterest encourages repinning community photos though, so Kirsten found it hard to believe the act was unlawful. Kirsten turned to federal copyright laws and found a section on fair use. She concludes:

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Pinterest Allows Websites to Block Pinning Pinterest may be an Internet hit — especially with U.S. women and Facebook CEOs. But not all companies want to ride the pinboard wave of referral traffic. Now Pinterest has released code for companies that want to block the pinning of content from their sites to personal pinboards. Pinterest recently released the code in their help section, which companies can copy and paste into their websites, prompting a message with each pin attempt that states: “This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions.

Ways to get more from Pinterest 27.4K Flares Twitter 615 Facebook 85 Google+ 56 StumbleUpon 26.3K Pin It Share 114 114 LinkedIn 137 inShare137 Email -- Email to a friend Buffer 24 27.4K Flares × If you are not over on Pinterest now, you need to get there. Having a lot of Pinterest followers isn’t really necessary for getting some exposure unlike Twitter or Facebook and at present, the links are do-follow. So plenty of good reasons to get over there and start pinning. When creating your boards create some that are keyword rich and some that are fun. In All This Talk Of Pinterest And Copyright, The Fact That It's Driving Massive Traffic Seems Important We already wrote about the pointless copyright freakout that some are having about Pinterest -- and since then, not a day has gone by without someone pointing us to yet another hysterical article by someone about how Pinterest is some copyright horror show. Lately there have been a bunch of... silly... stories about the specifics of Pinterest's terms of service. However, in all of this debate, one rather important point seems to have been left out of most of the discussions: Pinterest drives a ton of traffic back to original sources. For all the concerns about how Pinterest is infringing on various sites and copyright holders, the reality appears to be that it drives so much traffic that it's difficult to understand why people are complaining: Beginning this summer, Pinterest became the top social referrer for and, sending more traffic to both properties than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Pinterest Problem: Users May Run Into Copyright Issues Get Breaking News First Receive News, Politics, and Entertainment Headlines Each Morning. Sign Up FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Pinterest has more than 12 million users. And it’s the third most popular social media website behind Facebook and Twitter. Women use it for everything from planning their weddings to decorating their homes. Skimlinks is the real story behind Pinterest’s success I love it when a startup I’ve been covering for literally years suddenly finds itself in the spotlight, and for the right reasons. In this case, Skimlinks, originally from London but now with a growing US base, has been revealed as powering the affiliate links behind Pinterest, one of the hottest startups on the map right now. For some that appears to be a little bit of scandal, at least for Pinterest, though not for Skimlinks. LLSocial uncovered the practice, whereby if a post on Pinterest happens to link to a commerce site with an affiliate program, Pinterest uses Skimlinks – a third party service – to modifiy the link to add their own affiliate tracking code. Anyone making a purchase from that click through sends affiliate revenue, via Skimlinks, back to Pinterest.

Pinterest is for women? You could try Gentlemint! A month ago now, I wrote about Pinterest asking if you have you signed up for Pinterest yet? - it seems to me that now the world and his wife has signed up! People love it! Today, the Mail Online, suggested that Pinterest which is one of the fastest growing sites with 12 Million unique visitors (just in the US) could have over 97% female users. Which I don’t believe, I’d say out of my 300 followers many more than half are male. In fact when I open up my first page of followers you can see here yourself that they are almost ALL men.

5 Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest to Boost Consumer Engagement On Pinterest? Follow Mashable to check out our favorite infographics, tech news, internet memes and digital culture! The surprise smash-hit social networking site of 2011 wasn’t Twitter, Tumblr or Google+. In fact, it was a site that, even today, is still an invite-only social network. The Palo Alto site Pinterest has skyrocketed into the top ten most visited social networks of the past year and continues to gain traction and popularity.

Pinterest - Our View of this Project PDF | Print | E-mail Friday, 24 February 2012 13:29 Pinterest - three reasons for not using it There has been a vast amount of internet chatter about Pinterest of late in which both those in favour of and against this latest user driven content website have given their views. We have been asked recently for our own opinions. Pinterest – Copyright Infringement Made Cool? To start out on a positive note, let me say that I think the story of Pinterest is inspiring. It is tempting to believe that many of the simpler ideas associated with innovation have been thought of, and only very complex, time consuming, expensive initiatives can break new ground. Along comes Pinterest, offering an extremely simple idea – providing the electronic paradigm of a corkboard with photos, recipes, and other notes that people want to keep handy and visible, and giving them the opportunity to link to those of others. If anyone doubts that there is always a simple, yet powerful idea lurking around the corner, look no further than Pinterest. Pinterest is turning out to be a great opportunity for small and large businesses to gain exposure and increase sales.

Pinterest Drops Skimlinks, Might Try Ads; Says Copyright Issues Not A Significant Issue Yet Pinterest has stopped using Skimlinks to monetize some of the “pins” that its users were publishing on the site and, in other news, the company also says that copyright issues haven’t been a “significent issue” to date. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann has been making the rounds a bit this week (“finally,” some would say) and discussing some of the issues that have come up in light of the site’s stunning recent growth. Silbermann contacted Josh Davis of LL Social, the site that helped spread the news about Pinterest adding affiliate links (via Skimlinks) to some of the content that users post on Pinterest. Davis writes about their conversation: He indicated that the use of Skimlinks was a test, not a business plan, and that Pinterest had stopped using Skimlinks a week before I wrote the original story on the subject. Davis points out that Pinterest a new section on its Help page about how the site makes money.

How NOT To Use Your Pinterest Account - Justice Mitchell - Justice Mitchell - Articles, work, rants and advice from the nation's official socially integrated, creative, storytelli Having started all willy-nilly with Pinterest like Joe-Joe the idiot circus boy, I put absolutely no thought into what I was doing while kicking the tires. Now that PT is hotter than Canadian Maple syrup at a swingers party I can tell you what I did wrong. First off, like most of us I really didn't know what it was. Therefore I was just so eager to get my hands on it and stake a claim. A few things fell out of that experience. I started a bunch of lists that were important to me such as "Zombies, DesigNation, Survivalistic" and near naked women at "Shabam."