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CopperLicht - JavaScript 3D Engine using WebGL. Commercial grade WebGL 3D engine with editor CopperLicht is a WebGL library and JavaScript 3D engine for creating games and 3d applications in the webbrowser.

CopperLicht - JavaScript 3D Engine using WebGL

It uses the WebGL canvas supported by modern browsers and is able to render hardware accelerated 3d graphics without any plugins. Optimized, Fast and Free CopperLicht originally was the WebGL rendering backend of the CopperCube editor, and was made free to be used by anyone. SceneJS - WebGL Scene Graph Library. GLGE WebGL Library/Framework.

One Geek's Blog. EnergizeGL. Three.js. SpiderGL - Home. Learning WebGL. WebGL around the net, 8 April 2014 April 8th, 2014No Comments A fresh crop of development tools leads this week’s WebGL headlines.

Learning WebGL

CL3VER is a cloud-based 3D engine in HTML5 and WebGL to create and publish interactive 3D scenes on web and mobile. They recently released the latest version of the product, which includes a free way for architects to publish designs and presentations to their clients.The team at Clara.io has some great new samples to check out: kid on the block Blend4Web ( develops a software framework for authoring and interactive rendering of three-dimensional graphics and audio in browsers.