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My landlord is kicking me out and I'm excited to go home free! I just received a notice to vacate from my landlord.

My landlord is kicking me out and I'm excited to go home free!

They have given me 60 days. We’ve had a great relationship for the last 3.5 years and I’ve always paid rent on time. I was a pretty easy tenant for them and pretty ideal in my mind. The reason that they’re sending me on my way is that I rent the apartment from them and sublet out the bedrooms for short-term stays. I provide furnished rooms in a furnished home for people to stay at a great price and that allows me to live rent-free in my little 36 square foot closet room. Minimalism. This is everything I own: A MacBook Pro, an iPad, an unlocked iPhone, seven shirts, two pairs of jeans, two jackets, one coat, one sweater, two pairs of shoes, a suitcase, a backpack, some gym shorts, bathroom stuff, socks and underwear.


That’s it. Everything I own can be easily packed into a small suitcase and moved within 30 minutes. There is nothing that I want that I don’t already own. And this is despite owning a six-figure internet business. Hiltl: Company. Hiltl: Homepage. Stanford Open Office Hours: Kelly McGonigal. Voyages. Minimalisme. RTM, Régie des Transports de Marseille : Métro, Tramway , Bus.

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Decluttering Your Closet. ©2006 Publicatioins International, Ltd.

Decluttering Your Closet

There is nothing like an organized closet and drawers. Breathing Room: Declutter Your Home and Your Heart. Incredible Body Transformations! - Bar Brothers! The Downside of Minimalism. 47 Things You Must Know About Protein. Which Protein Will Help You?

47 Things You Must Know About Protein

When you are thinking about nutrition as an athlete, the first thing that goes through your mind is protein. That is because you know that protein is what helps you repair muscle tissue after you break it down with training and protein will help you get stronger. Consuming with Conscience: Beyond the 3 R’s : We’ve all head the old dictum, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” but these steps are just the beginning.

Consuming with Conscience: Beyond the 3 R’s :

There are lots of ways that we can reduce the negative impact of our consumer choices. RESEARCH the impacts of the products you buy. How does their production effect the environment? The Closet Trick. Unclutterer. Foundation Training : Core. Bad backs, bum knees, busy brains, lousy posture, and a number of other chronic ailments may very well be the true plague of these modern times.

Foundation Training : Core

Life in the 21st Century has left many of us, regardless of our level of athleticism, with a body that is sadly and painfully imbalanced.Enter Foundation Training, our innovative movement improvement program designed specifically to help you roll back the damage done and, more importantly, to help you become that pain-free and more powerful person we all aspire to be. We used to be in pain too, which is exactly why our team of instructors developed Foundation Training.

Our approach was born out of a simple desire to be pain-free and the fundamental knowledge that our body wants to heal itself, we just have to remind it how sometimes. Foundation Training is that reminder. It is a low cost/high reward exercise program that allows you to restore balance and start using your body in the way nature intended.

How Foundation Training Can Help You Maximize Strength and Freedom of Movement. By Dr.

How Foundation Training Can Help You Maximize Strength and Freedom of Movement

Mercola I recently learned of Dr. Eric Goodman’s work through his TED presentation and was excited about the simplicity and elegance of his approach to exercise — an innovative method called Foundation Training, which he developed while in school to become a chiropractor to treat his own chronic low back pain. He now teaches classes and seminars on this method — co-created with Peter Park, a world-class professional athlete trainer.

Foundation Training exercises are designed to help your body be the strongest it can be and move the way nature intended. What is Foundation Training? Foundation Training was birthed through necessity, as Dr. Foundation Training : Movement. By Dr.

Foundation Training : Movement

Joseph Mercola - According to recent research, if Americans cut back on the amount of time spent sitting down, it could add years to their life expectancy. Unfortunately, most people spend a large portion of each day in a seated position. It’s hard to avoid these days, as computer work predominates, and most also spend many precious hours each week commuting to and from work. Sitting Takes a Heavy Toll on Health The study estimates that reducing the average time you spend sitting down to less than three hours a day could increase your life expectancy by two years. As reported by NBC News: “‘The study adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting that sitting itself is deadly.

Dangerously Hardcore - A paleo figure athlete getting fit through food, faith, & fitness. Feel The Burn. Facebook. 10 Fat Loss Tips that will get your Ripped Faster, Guaranteed ! In this article I am going to share the first 5 of 10 so called Universal Fat Loss Laws that will improve your results drastically no matter what workout or diet plan you are following.

10 Fat Loss Tips that will get your Ripped Faster, Guaranteed !

Now here is the secret to getting the most for these 10 weight loss laws, NO MATTER how simple some of them seem do not pass on any of them and try and incorporate as many of them into your weight loss program as you can. The best part is that it does not matter what your fitness or experience level is, these 10 fat loss tips will help you get even better results, Guaranteed! Know what your Heart Rate is doing It is extremely important to know exactly what your heart rate is doing when it comes to working out.

Back pain

The Art of Mindful Walking. Power of Positive Thoughts. Jonwatersauthor. Mark Hyman, MD: Why Doing Nothing Is the Key to Happiness. Attention and focus are hard to come by. Starbucks built a $13 billion business because we need help paying attention. Psychiatrists increasingly diagnose "adult attention deficit disorder" and prescribe Ritalin for grown-ups who can't focus or pay attention. But is coffee and prescription "speed" the answer to our modern distraction?

Distracted by email, iPhones, the ping of a new text message, bad news on television and the stresses of work, of relationships and family, it is easy to be overwhelmed, stressed and miss the extraordinary gift of being alive. Our bodies' break down under the onslaught of stress -- insomnia, anxiety, depression, and all chronic disease is made worse by unremitting stress. The Official Website of George W. Burns - Clinical Psychologist & Renowned Author, Perth Western Australia - Home. Human Media RADIO. MovNat®: Explore Your True NatureMUSCULATION et EXERCICES de MUSCULATION programmes et diététique. Paleo Works: How To Diet. A trip in Buthan « Health Services Authors. 19 May If you wish to follow the journey of my cousin in Buthan click here. As a former head of education services at the international red cross committee in Geneva, he has been hired by the King of Buthan and his Prime minister to coordinate a mission at an international level to promote the Buthan’s Gross national Happiness policy.

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