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Facebook Twitter Foursquare. Tumblr. Don't browse alone! Keep track of your contacts & conversations - Silentale. Login. Facebook privacy options untangled. Facebook Privacy Scanner. Facebook Federation. Yesterday, AdAge ran a story that Facebook was preparing to roll out its first true location-based service (beyond its for-fun Presence thing).

Facebook Federation

The story said that the social network was partnering with McDonald’s for a special Facebook app that would allow people to check-in to restaurants and get deals. But apps that use location to emulate Foursquare on Facebook have limited appeal.

Google SM

Twitter. Five Best Personal Landing Pages. Public Sector. Social networking "Bill of Rights" released. Posted on 23 June 2010.

Social networking "Bill of Rights" released

A little over a month ago, the Electronic Frontier Foundation offered their suggestions about what a social networking "bill of rights" should contain. Last week - after much commenting and writing and rewriting - an almost unanimous consensus on the main points that such a bill should contain has been reached between the attendees of the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference held in San Jose.

Here is the final version: Marketwire Acquires Social Media Monitoring And Analytics Startu. Rumors of social media monitoring and analytics startup Sysomos’ acquisition by Marketwire swirled in the blogosphere yesterday, but today it’s been made official.

Marketwire Acquires Social Media Monitoring And Analytics Startu

In a blog post on Sysomos’ site today, the company announced that has been bought by the press release wire service. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.