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Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Guide & Walkthrough - PC

To edit this page, you'll need a username. (It's free and only takes a sec.) Welcome to the Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword wiki guide. The best just got bigger and better. Hey, we at IGN love first-person shooters too like everyone else... but there's something to be said for staying up all weekend as we explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate one more time. Whether you've played Civilization since 1991, or whether you're just now finding out the magic that is the 4X Strategy genre, we're here to guide you.

Plus, we'll give you information and advice that everyone needs to know if you truly wish to conquer the world, especially once you take your game online. In this Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword strategy guide, you'll find: OVERVIEW // New to the Civ series? Civilization.