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Australia Family Immigration. ( Top ) Update on Visa for Family Immigration From 25 September 2014, the following visa subclasses in the Family Stream of the Migration Programme are open to new applications:

Australia Family Immigration

Germany Skilled Job Seeker Visa Evaluation Report, Germany Jobs. ( Top ) Overview Opulentus Overseas Careers is one of the best immigration consultants and we advice all Germany visa applicants to evaluate their profile before investing in the actual visa process.

Germany Skilled Job Seeker Visa Evaluation Report, Germany Jobs

The initial Germany evaluation report will check your eligibility and our immigration experts will advice you on the best possible visa. Immigration to USA, Visa Consultants - India. World's No.1 Visa Specialist Australia Partner Company Registered MARA Agents A country of growth and continuous advancement; USA is known for its expertise in technology, strong government policies, effective laws and powerful defence system.

Immigration to USA, Visa Consultants - India

This excellence in all fields makes it the best country for migration. The country has world’s best education system offering a broad range of graduate and undergraduate programs. USA’s flexible work environment easily accommodates people from different cultures, ideologies and working styles. Click here for more information about the country. Australian Immigration, Visa Consultants, PR, India. Australia Student Dependent Visa, Requirements, Eligibility. This visa is for dependents of students who are relocating to Australia under Student Visa. ( Top ) Overview Most student visas allow you to bring your family members to Australia as your dependants if you are: Assessment level 1 or 2.

Australia Student Dependent Visa, Requirements, Eligibility

Australian Student Visa, Education, Requirements, Information. This visa is designed for international students applying to study in Australia and whose main course of study is one of the following: Bachelor degree Associate degree Graduate certificate Graduate diploma Masters by coursework Higher Education diploma Higher Education advanced diploma. ( Top ) Overview Students can avail customized service under Australia Student Visa Guidance.

Australian Student Visa, Education, Requirements, Information

The services offered under the guidance are: Opulentus - Immigration and Visa Consultants Australia,Canada,Denmark. Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program, Eligibility Requirements. Canada PR & Canada Immigration for Skilled Workers is points based.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program, Eligibility Requirements

You need to score 67 out of 100 points in factors like age, qualification, work experience, occupation & language. The Canada Immigration Process is simple & straight forward if you meet the eligibility criteria for Canada Points System and your documentation is accurate & complete. Process time for Canada Immigration is generally 6-12 months. PR is granted for applicant, spouse & children. After PR is granted you can sponsor your parents, grandparents, siblings & cousins. The skilled worker category is intended for people with high level of skills and experience which can be economically recognised in Canada. South Africa Work Permit Visa, Requirements, Eligibility. Overview South African Quota Work Visa is a temporary residence permit issued to foreign nationals who are willing to move to South Africa for working and staying in the country with their dependents.

South Africa Work Permit Visa, Requirements, Eligibility

The potential for permanent residency is high for immigrants who remain in the country for 5 years. South Africa Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Labour and the Minister of Trade and Industry have identified occupations which have high demand for professionals with skill sets. These positions are open formally qualified foreigners who have an at least 5 years of practical work experience.

Usa VisaStore Blog. Opulentus Sweden Blog. USA H1B Visa Guidance. ( Top ) Overview USA H1B Visa is a work permit which is introduced by US Government to offer an opportunity and enable skilled international professionals and/or international students, from all over the world, the opportunity to live and work in the USA.

USA H1B Visa Guidance

One of the main advantages of the H1B visa is that it paves the way for USA Green Card. Applicants who already have H1B visa or have a job offer from USA employer. The employer should apply for your H1B visa petition with the US Immigration Department. Documents Required. USA Family Immigration, H4 Dependent Visa, Process Requirements. ( Top ) Overview There are different visas for family of US Green Card & Citizens to come to USA.

USA Family Immigration, H4 Dependent Visa, Process Requirements

Visas are: USA Family Immigration, H4 Dependent Visa, Process Requirements. US Visitor Visas, Tourist Visas - Information, Requirements. ( Top ) Overview USA Tourist Visa (USA Visitor Visa) allows you to visit USA either to sightsee or visit family or friends.

US Visitor Visas, Tourist Visas - Information, Requirements

Visas are granted for up to 10 years depending on applicant’s intent, profile & documentation. Visitors are not permitted to work on the USA Tourist Visa. USA Tourist Visa applicants must demonstrate to the consular officer that they have strong ties to their country of residence and must show that they intend to depart the United States after their temporary visit. A USA Tourist Visa grants you permission to travel to a Port of Entry (airport/seaport) in the United States. Qualifying for a USA Tourist Visa (USA Visitor Visa) Please obtain a new passport prior to your interview if: The film on the biographic data pages of your passport (i.e., page with your photo and back page with your parents' information) is separated from the pages in your passport Your passport is otherwise torn, damaged, mutilated or has been washed or laundered.

Discover America- Apply for USA Tourist Visa Today! Filled with sun-drenched beaches and breathtaking landscapes, the United States is truly the land of dreams that must be visited by everyone who loves to travel. With endless opportunities and fantastic tourist places, the country has it all that attracts every individual. Its spectacular rainforests, snow-covered glaciers, magnificent skyscrapers and big open skies -coupled with fabulous cities, and unparalleled music will sweep off your feet. Visiting USA- A Fascinating Experience People who tour USA can experience the assorted music scene of Austin, the mild charms of antebellum Savannah, the elegant waterfront of San Francisco and the enchanting old quarters of New Orleans.

In addition to its grotesque historic attractions, the country is the ideal destination for people who love walking, strolling and trekking. So, why not discover America? Prerequisites for Sweden student visa - Opulentus. April 24th, 2015 admin Are you planning to study in Sweden? Well, you need to obtain a Sweden student visa in order to reside and study in Sweden. Many of you might be unaware of Sweden student visa process, thus, approach the visa consultants of Opulentus( for successful visa process. The country is one of the top destinations in terms of quality education. How Australia Immigration Consultants Can Help Prospective Immigrants. Australia Subclass 457 Visa, Process Requirements - Opulentus. ( Top ) Overview. Australia Subclass 457 Visa, Process Requirements - Opulentus. Immigration and Visa Consultants in Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills - Opulentus. Canadian Federal Skilled Visa - Full Wiki. Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa Canada is a fast emerging country and best tourist spot.

We observe a lot of skilled workers as well as immigrant students in huge number moving to Canada. Australian skilled independent Visa - Full Wiki. Moving to Australia? Australia, the beauty of the Southern Hemisphere, is the best place for those who wish to work and Settle in Australia and to start a new life abroad. Canada Express Entry 9th Draw- What You Need To Know? - Opulentus.

Posted on Are you eagerly waiting for the results of Canada Express Entry 9th draw? If yes, then your wait ended on 23 May 2013, the long-been wait Express Entry ninth draw was conducted by the officials of Citizenship and Immigration Canada on 23 May, 2015 at 00:00:00 UTC. Soon after the successful completion of eight draws on 17 April, CIC has announced the results of another draw within a month and granted invitations for 1,361 skilled professionals who have attained the minimum score of 755.

Interested in Hong Kong immigration? What are the options available? - Opulentus. Posted on Hong Kong is an ultimate immigration destination for immigrants who would like to get themselves indulged in internationally recognized higher education programs, fascinating work culture and the high standard of life. Every year this world-class destination grabs the attention of more number of overseas applicants by offering lucrative career and employment opportunities that would be supportive for them to stand easily apart from the crowd.