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44 Resume Writing Tips 44 Resume Writing Tips by Daniel Scocco Having a solid and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of landing that dream job. That is beyond discussion. How does one make sure that his resume is top notch and bullet proof, however? There are several websites with tips around the web, but most bring just a handful of them.
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Notes about building for Burning Man and other Projects, by Bob StahlAlso see: Rebar & Rigging FAQ | Field Manuals | DPW About This Document Desert camping is the art of applying simple concepts to achieve elaborate results. These pages were written to give users, notably campers and artists trekking to the Black Rock Desert, and the Burning Man art festival, a few hints on how to build shelters and structures for the extreme heat, severe windstorms, and sudden rains of northwestern Nevada. bluetarp - potatotrap bluetarp - potatotrap
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Working With Victims and Survivors Journalists, researchers and mental health professionals offer advice on how to deal with people caught up in tragic events. Whether you're new to reporting traumatic news or simply feel you’ve more to learn about such assignments, these tips, drawn from journalists, journalism researchers and health professionals in Australia and around the world, can help you. People who have experienced deep trauma or who have lost someone close in sudden, violent circumstances have a right to decline being interviewed, photographed or filmed and news media, and their newsrooms, need to respect that right. Exercise the principle of doing no further harm.Above all, be accurate and do not feign compassion. It can’t be faked. Working With Victims and Survivors
Graduate school & the development industry « Rachel Strohm (Update, 8 January: Hi MR readers! Thanks for stopping by; I’d welcome your thoughts. I should add that this post isn’t meant exclusively as a critique of SAIS, but as a representative experience of many of the schools that offer MAs in development.) Graduate school & the development industry « Rachel Strohm
Devaluing the Think Tank One of the most peculiar, and least understood, features of the Washington policy process is the extraordinary dependence of policymakers on the work of think tanks. Most Americans — even most of those who follow politics closely — would probably struggle to name a think tank or to explain precisely what a think tank does. Yet over the past half-century, think tanks have come to play a central role in policy development — and even in the surrounding political combat. Over that period, however, the balance between those two functions — policy development and political combat — has been steadily shifting. And with that shift, the work of Washington think tanks has undergone a transformation. Today, while most think tanks continue to serve as homes for some academic-style scholarship regarding public policy, many have also come to play more active (if informal) roles in politics. Devaluing the Think Tank
Notes from the field: the usefulness of early workshops Notes from the field: the usefulness of early workshops One of the things I learned from other folks at the Bank I work with is the usefulness of doing a workshop early in the early design of an impact evaluation to bring the project and the impact evaluation team together to hammer out design. With one of my colleagues, I did one of these during my recent trip to Ethiopia and a bunch of things stuck out. First, though, it’s useful to discuss how these are structured. What I like to do is spend about half a day on three initial presentations.
What can we learn from medicine: Three mistakes to avoid when designing a trial registry – Guest Post by Ole Dahl Rasmussen If you are like most people working with quantitative data in development, getting too many statistically significant results is probably not your most pressing problem. On the contrary, if you are lucky enough to find a star, whether it's of the 1%, 5% or 10% type, there are plenty of star-killers to choose from. In what is perhaps the only contribution to the rare genre of 'econometrics haiku', Keisuke Hirano reflects on one of them: T-stat looks too good // Try clustered standard errors - // Significance gone (in Angrist and Pischke's MHE). Nevertheless, here is another star-killer: A trial registry. A trial registry is a publicly available database where researchers and evaluators can register a research design prior to initiating a study. Outcome measures and subgroups are crucial aspects to register and importantly, any future changes made to the registration will be visible to everyone. What can we learn from medicine: Three mistakes to avoid when designing a trial registry – Guest Post by Ole Dahl Rasmussen
The Particular Believer The Particular Believer A conversation with Nawal El Saadawi, activist, feminist, writer, doctor. She is the author of forty-seven books, including Women and Sex, Memoirs From the Women’s Prison, and God Dies by the Nile. Seventy-nine years old, she is one of the most outspoken agitators for women’s rights in Egypt. Nawal El Saadawi I am very angry today. Look at this silly magazine: they have misquoted me. It reads, “I am bigger than the president.”
Reasons abound to be turned off by the New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof. He is too pleased with himself and demonstrates no capacity for self-reflection. He is too earnest. He claims to be in the vanguard of journalism because he tweets. He is said to be Doing Something about human suffering while the rest of us don’t care; he is smarmy. He doesn’t write particularly well. The Soft Side of Imperialism The Soft Side of Imperialism
Seven Deadly Sins of Impact Evaluation Seven obstacles to making good decisions about impact evaluations and how to avoid them. Impact evaluations—typically, third-party studies that seek to prove a program model’s effectiveness—seem to be all the rage in social sector circles these days. Maybe in part that’s because the process seems so straightforward: Just commission one when the time is right, and, when all goes well, proudly show off your “stamp of approval.” You’ll soon receive the resources you need to grow your organization and to influence all the other nonprofits in your field. The problem is that it’s rarely that simple in practice. Seven Deadly Sins of Impact Evaluation
Who is Dr. Kurtz? It's been a while this "electronic newsletter" going - so long that I have lost count of all the interns that passed through and learned the ropes under my visionary leadership. I have also had my share of constructive feedback, which I duly "actionized" using the appropuiate tool-kit, in order to become a better person: And obviously, this improvement of the person process has also not gone unnoticed: But most importantly, during all this this time I have never allowed myself to step out of character, and have generally tried to remain dignified in my bubbly existence. Like you, at times I have been accused of being "that guy who writes that blog", and like you I have duly denied it. The fact that it may have been me is obviously irrelevant because you knows it: all of yous is just a little bit Dr.
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Constraintstorming Recently, I lead a project that included “designing the future of X”. Any time you have these kinds of projects, the sky can be the limit. But, without limits, the chances of success are often low. Our first step was to conduct a brainstorming session.
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2011 - Saturday Workshop - Career Workshop II: Founder's Dilemmas in Social Entrepreneurship
2011 - Saturday Workshop - Career Workshop I: Discovering a Career in Social Enterprise
2011 - Saturday Workshop - Fundraising for Social Enterprises I: Writing Effective Grants
2011 - Saturday Workshop - Fundraising for Social Enterprises II: Business Plans and Other Essentials
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Research is central to IDPM's mission to raise the capabilities of individuals and organisations in developing countries. In the Research Assessment Exercise 2008, a periodic government review of the quality of research in UK universities, 65% of IDPM’s research was assessed as ‘world-class’, and in significant areas was viewed as ‘world-leading’. This means that not only is IDPM contributing at a global level to debates about poverty and development, but in some areas is setting the pace. IDPM Research (School of environment and Development - The University of Manchester)
DEPP Working Paper No 21 - A Gendered Analysis of ‘Time Poverty’: The Importance of Infrastructure This Working Paper is part of the Development Economics and Public Policy series David Lawson Abstract This paper uses a combination of nationally representative individual level time use data combined with household and community data to further our understanding of time use, and how infrastructure impacts on gender disaggregated time poverty.
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