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Pearltrees for teaching

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Ken kay testiony for rnc platform committee. Effective Education Use of Pearltrees. Pearltrees injects organization into your social interest graph. You’ve heard of the social graph, now meet the interest graph.

Pearltrees injects organization into your social interest graph

While Facebook and Google+ have built their social networks around collecting and networking your contacts, there’s a new platform emerging where instead of leveraging friends, it leverages content. Your mind should immediately turn to Pinterest and its collective visual bookmarking clones (if it doesn’t, you haven’t been using the Internet enough). These sites aren’t concerned with helping you find and communicate with your friends — that’s really just a side benefit.

Instead their core focus is to curate and collect things — things you want, things you like, things you bought, things you made or want to make. Education Technology - theory and practice: Pearltrees for teachers. Year 2012 last post is a guest post from Finnish teacher Tommi Viljakainen.

Education Technology - theory and practice: Pearltrees for teachers

He is a teacher in Elimäki lower and upper secondary school. He teaches English, French and P.E. He is also interested in social media, iPad and the future of education. Pearltrees. is a great place to organize, share, and store websites for current, future, or collaborative use.


More than a standard social bookmarking website, Pearltrees allows you to create trees of sites to show relationships or even the order in which to browse websites. It is extremely simple to sign up, free, and easy to use once you have joined. To use it, you can install an add-on to your browser, use a bookmarklet, or just use your home spot to paste in websites that you want to add to your own pearl tree. There are "big pearls" that function as folders for multiple strands of Internet pearls.