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Inspired by writer Timothy Ash's question "When you say we, who do you mean?" our inaugural book is a timeless piece investigating the deadliest war of our time. Brought to life by illustration, photography, storytelling, and design, 500 years of history are re-imagined through an intriguing new lens. Falling Whistles Falling Whistles
Campaign 13 While making the film, PLAYGROUND: THE CHILD SEX TRADE IN AMERICA, we came to learn about the devastating impact of sex trafficking in the United States. Every interview yielded a heartbreaking story of boys and girls let down by systems that should have protected them. Every interview made the fight to combat sex trafficking more personal. The stories we learned from survivors were supplemented by cold hard facts provided by our partners – experts leading the fight against the exploitation of children. Facts like: “Children trafficked here from foreign countries are entitled to resources from the U.N., State Department and other groups such as legal representation, education and relocation assistance, that are not even close to available for American kids.” Campaign 13
World Concern
The Harry Potter Alliance | The Weapon We Have is Love Featured Chapter Meet our Chapters and see who's making a difference in their communities right now! We are an army of fans, activists, nerdfighters, teenagers, wizards and muggles dedicated to fighting for social justice with the greatest weapon we have-- love. Join us! Sign Up for Action Network With Us

The Harry Potter Alliance | The Weapon We Have is Love

This Star Won't Go Out Foundation This Star Won't Go Out Foundation This Star Won't Go Out is making a difference in the lives of children with cancer, one family at a time. By providing funds to help pay for travel, a mortgage or rent check, and other cost of living expenses, TSWGO frees up families to focus on their child who is in treatment. A gift of money is really a gift towards quality time as a family—and that’s a gift that is beyond value. During HatP's set during Esther's book release (photo from the Boston Globe) Our Executive Director, Lori, posing with our caricature artist, Noah Noah with his caricature during the TSWGO 2013 Caricature Event
Human Trafficking