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לימוד שפות

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Premium - busuu. Learn Spanish Online. Fast. Easy. Fun. Login - Memrise. 15 Funny Words You Probably Don't Know by Slideshow 15 Funny Words You Probably Don't Know [buhm-fuhz-uhl] Bumfuzzle means to confuse or fluster, from the southern US.

15 Funny Words You Probably Don't Know by

This would make a good name for a puppy. “Bumfuzzle! [kuh-nood-l] defines canoodle as “to caress, fondle, or pet amorously.” [kat-ee-wom-puhs, kat-uh-] This word sounds like the kind of folksy thing President Lincoln might have used, and it’s from his era, the 1830s. [did-lee-skwot] The word diddly-squat is a direct linguistic cousin to doodly-squat. [dif-thawng, -thong, dip-] This is a funny word that is very hard to spell. [dong-guhl, dawng‐] Oh, the dongle. [doo-hik-ee] A doohickey is a “gadget; a dingus; a thingumbob.” [fahrt-lek] The word fartlek stands for a training technique associated with runners.


הגיית אנגלית. ערבית. צבעים - ערבית אוֹצַר מִלִּים. Free German course online: Interactive exercise - Päsens, Tempus, Verb II. Learn Spanish, French and other languages for free. Index - German. Learn German - Rosetta Stone® - Learn to Speak German. Introduction to German. There are many reasons to learn German... ...also for those who didn't really like the first photo!

Introduction to German

Welcome to Introduction to German, part of Foreign Language Learning and Language and Literature school. The aim of this beginner level course is to tell you about the basics of German, no prior knowledge is required. It helps however, if you are good in English (while this material is written in it) and also some knowledge of grammatical terms comes handy.

So... First steps[edit] Congratulations! Now you have two things to master:Vocabulary andGrammar The trick is, that you can't focus just on one of these. Vocabulary[edit] All material concerning the German vocabulary is concentrated at German vocabulary and its subpages. Alphabet/Pronunciation[edit] Please see The Alphabet (at Wikibooks). Grammar[edit] German. Welcome to the German wikibook, a free textbook for learning the German language.


As this book is still under development, you are invited to make any problems/suggestions known in our Discussion page. If you wish to contribute, feel free to see the Developer's page. ✓Did You Know? ↓ The German language does not have a true present continuous tense, only present tense. Well, out here in the far west near the Dutch border we have present continuous.

SG #028: Kleidung. Barbara hat mir eine Mail geschrieben.

SG #028: Kleidung

Sie reist im Juli nach Deutschland und möchte nicht als Touristin auffallen. Sie ist 50 Jahre alt und fragt, ob sie Jeans tragen kann, oder ob sie einen Rock anziehen soll. Ich finde es toll, dass sie sich über so etwas Gedanken macht! Also werde ich in dieser Folge über Kleidung sprechen. In der Umgangssprache kann man Kleidung auch Klamotten nennen. Früher gab es einen großen Unterschied zwischen Ost- und Westdeutschland, was Kleidung angeht. Generell gibt es wenige Regeln, was die Kleidung angeht. Junge Erwachsene kleiden sich unterschiedlich, je nachdem ob sie auf dem Land wohnen oder in der Stadt. Resources for non-spoken aspects of the language. - Home.

A more advanced Swiss-German page. More Swiss German...

A more advanced Swiss-German page

There is some system to it all! Swiss German pronunciation does follow a few guidelines, and if you know about these guidelines, it gets a bit simpler to get a meaning out of all the ch-sounds! This is a rather unscientific overlook, based on my own experience and a couple of small books that I have. For some of the words I have also used phonetic writing, so that it (might) get easier to understand what the pronunciation should be like. It's probably an advantage to know a little German to benefit from all the things you find here, but by all means - I think most people will find a few useful tips or funny little curiosities!

I'll stick to Züridüütsch - the Zürich dialect - once more. Back to the quick guide On this page you will find: Transferring standard German into Swiss GermanGrammarThe Swiss way of writingExplanations to the phonetic writing Transferring standard German into Swiss German Well, transferring... How I Learned to Trill (rolled R) - Typisch Helene (CH-D) - Home. Michel Thomas - Learn German ( 8 CDs) CD 1 - 2/10. Choose Your Language - Rosetta Stone® Store. SG #028: Kleidung. Michel Thomas - Learn German ( 8 CDs) CD 1 - 1/10. Free German course online: Interactive exercise - Päsens, Tempus, Verb II.